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This e-journal is an online version of the print edition published by <strong>LP3M STAI Darul Hikmah Bangkalan</strong>.</p> إدارة فيروس كورونا في ضوء مقاصد الشريعة 2021-03-16T06:03:18+00:00 Alif Rifdan Syah <p>هذا البحث تحت موضوع "إدارة فيروس كورونا بإندونيسيا في ضوء مقاصد الشريعة". قد كتب لتصوير إدارة فيروس كورونا في إندونيسيا على شكل عام و ضوء مقاصد الشريعة عنها. استطلع الباحث الأدلة و المعلومات عنها بالقراءة و تتبع النسخة و قام على منهج الاستنباط التحليلي في تقدير إجراءات إدارة فيروس كورونا بإندونيسيا من نظرية مقاصد الشريعة. ترتب من هذا البحث أن الإدارة قد جرت وفق الإرشادات من منظمة الصحة العالمية إلا في بعض القضايا التي مالت إلى تقديم الأهمية الاقتصادية و السياسية ما يخالف نظرية مقاصد الشريعة التي تضع حفظ النفس أولى منهما في التريب. سيرا بهذه النتيجة، فمن اللازم أن تكون الإدارة تقدم حفظ النفس على غيره في سائر القرارات القادمة؛ لأنه تحقق درء المفاسد الكبرى و جلب المصالح الآجلة.</p> 2021-03-16T05:02:13+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Epistemology of Basic Concepts of Spiritual and Physical Thaharah: Analysis of The Benefits of Ablution Spiritually and Physically 2021-03-16T06:03:18+00:00 Meirison . . Fadhilah Insani . Insani Zahara Andini <p><em>This article aims to explain the purpose of purification in various forms. Purification outwardly and inwardly will be obtained when following the rules given by the Qur'an and Hadith. Purification (thaharah) is one of the legal conditions in performing Salat. When we start performing an act of worship such as Salat, many of us are not right or wrong when taking ablution or sometimes after removing many unclean impurities. I did a literature study with a descriptive analysis approach and found that three ways can be pure: bathing, ablution, and tayammum. The tools used for bathing and ablution are water and for tayammum using soil (dust). As we know, Tayammum can only be done when there is no water and in a state of pain. Purification also removes not only the contaminated feces but also the inner. In purifying, using absolute water or using soil (dust) must meet certain conditions. By doing purification according to the provisions of Rasulullah, then we will get external and internal purity.</em></p> <p><strong><em>Keywords: Epidemiology, Concept, Spiritual, Physical, Thaharah</em></strong><em><br></em></p> 2021-03-16T05:03:58+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Tadarruj dan Tikrar Terhadap Evaluasi Pembelajaran Tartil al-Qur’an Dalam Perspektif Kitab Muqaddimah Ibn Khaldun 2021-03-16T06:03:18+00:00 Alaika M Bagus Kurnia PS Nelud Darajaatul Aliah <p>This study aims to examine more deeply the evaluation of the ideal tartil al-Quran learning in Ibn Khaldun's view. This study uses a qualitative descriptive method using a phenomenological approach. The data collection techniques use observation data, interviews and related references. The data analysis technique also uses four stages, namely data reduction, data classification by structuring several points of analysis related to the conclusion of the analysis. As for the results of this study, (1) only some teachers implemented the tikrar concept. (2) Whereas the tadarruj at Khadijah Middle School was well systematic</p> 2021-03-16T05:05:42+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Praktik Akad Istishna' Paralel dalam Jual Beli Rumah di PT. Berkah Rangga Sakti Kecamatan 2021-03-16T06:03:18+00:00 Taufiq Buhari <p>Today the need for a place to live is a factor in the community to meet their daily needs, even though they do not have enough money, people are competing to own a house, so that many people get a place to live by paying in installments with various systems in their respective places of residence. Application of a parallel istishna 'contract in buying and selling houses in a company PT. Berkah &nbsp;Rangga Sakti, which is engaged in selling houses, has met the requirements and principles that apply in the shari'ah economy. But in the financing of PT. Berkah Rangga Sakti did not use a Syari'ah Bank but a conventional bank due to the difficulty of accessing the Syari'ah Bank, which provides home financing in the Bangkalan area.</p> 2021-03-16T05:20:34+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Model Internalisasi Nilai-nilai Multikultural dalam Pembelajaran PAI di SMA Negeri 1 Nganjuk 2021-03-16T06:03:19+00:00 Zainal Arifin Masyukuri Masyukuri Moh. Hanif <p>This study uses a qualitative approach with a type of case study that focuses on cultivating multicultural values ​​that are contained in the learning process inside and outside the class of SMA Negeri 1 Nganjuk.&nbsp; The purpose of this study is to reveal and develop a model of internalization of multicultural values ​​that grows and develops in the research locus.&nbsp; Sources of data related to this study were obtained using in-depth interview techniques, participatory observation and documentation which were processed using the interactive model of Miles and Huberman.&nbsp; From this focus, a multicultural value internalization model was produced through the management of systematic and coordinated learning as well as habituation and training in developing student character.</p> 2021-03-16T05:44:55+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Metode Kisah dalam Meningkatkan Motivasi Belajar dan Kemampuan Bercerita pada Pembelajaran Sejarah Kebudayaan Islam di Madrasah Ibtidaiyah 2021-03-16T06:03:19+00:00 Siti Nur Azizeh <p>Learning Islamic Cultural History is a learning that tends to be monotonous so that students easily feel bored. The reason is because in delivering the material generally by the lecture method without any learning media used. This makes student interest and motivation decrease, as a result the material described by the teacher cannot be accepted and understood easily. It has an impact on the low ability to tell stories to students. Therefore, teachers are required to provide innovation in creating fun learning, one of which is by changing the method in delivering the subject matter. The application of the story method is considered appropriate and relevant to Islamic Cultural History lessons, thereby increasing learning motivation and storytelling skills. The story method can create an attractive learning atmosphere, so students will feel the joy of learning. That way, students will have a desire or desire in the form of a desire to know which is accompanied by power or effort to achieve the goals they want to achieve, this is called the emergence of motivation learning In addition, the story method using pictures can strengthen students 'memory of historical stories, which can provide a real picture of these historical stories so that in this case it can improve students' ability to tell stories. The stages in the application of the story method that educators need to pay attention to include, among others, planning, presentation of material, correlation, conclusion and evaluation. Regarding the design, it can be adjusted to the needs and learning objectives.</p> 2021-03-16T05:45:39+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Strategi Dakwah Multimedia Nahdlatul Ulama melalui Instagram @nuonline_id 2021-03-16T06:03:20+00:00 Bobby Rachman Santoso Lutfi Fatmasari Ahmad Nurcholis <p>Da’wah media from time to time continue to experience such good development. The emergence of social media in the community has also influenced the delivery of da'wah messages. In this case, preachers is required to be able to use social media as a medium for preaching. This research is motivated by the use of Instagram as a medium for preaching, especially the Nahdlatul Ulama organization. This research was conducted on the official Nahdlatul Ulama Instagram account, @nuonline_id. This study aims to understand how the format of the da'wah message presented by the @nuonline_id account and how the da'wah strategy used by Nahdlatul Ulama on the @nuonline_id account. Qualitative research was chosen to be the research method in this study. In addition, the approach used is a phenomenological approach. In this study, the results show that @nuonline_id has 2 strategies in preaching through Instagram, namely: first, in presenting images with insertions of words and selecting templates that show the characteristics of Nahdlatul Ulama. Second, presenting a video with an interesting concept.</p> 2021-03-16T05:45:58+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Pengembangan Pembelajaran al-Qur’an Hadits Surah az-Zalzalah pada Media E-Learning Berbasis Edmodo 2021-03-16T06:03:20+00:00 Ika Wahyu Nurdiana Abdulloh Hamid Winarto Eka Wahyudi <p>Based on the criteria of learning al-Qur'an Hadith with the material of surah az-Zalzalah, it can be said that it is valid and effective for grade IV students of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah. To compile and produce learning, it is necessary to research the development of e-learning media through edmodo. Can increase the creativity of students in learning al-Qur'an Hadith about surah az-Zalzalah using e-learning media through edmodo. This type of research is the ADDIE model that has been used in the development of Al-Qur'an Hadith learning through edmodo e-learning media. There are 5 stages in the ADDIE model, namely analysis, design, development, application and evaluation. Has been validated by 3 lecturers as validator experts, media and instruments on e-learning media through edmodo. The subjects in development research were 30 grade students for the 2020-2021 school year. Learning al-Qur'an Hadith surah az-Zalzalah can be said to be good and meet the requirements with a rating of 78.34% through the edmodo e-learning media. However, students can respond to the learning media with a rating of 82.36% and have been declared good. Thus, all aspects of e-learning media through edmodo in learning al-Qur'an Hadith surah az-Zalzalah can be categorized as good and feasible to be used in the learning process.</p> 2021-03-16T05:51:36+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Nasionalisme dalam al-Qur‘an (Studi Tematik Terhadap Ayat-ayat Nasionalisme Perspektif Ahmad Musthafa al-Maraghi) 2021-03-16T06:03:20+00:00 Nurul Hidayah Moh. Jufriyadi Sholeh <p>Nowadays, various ideologies that are pro and contra to nationalism have begun to grow and develop. This nationalism cannot be separated from faith and religion. This is evidenced by the explanation of several verses of the al-Qur'an explicitly discussing nationalism. This study aims to describe the general representative of nationalism according to Ahmad Musthofa al-Maraghi. In this study, using a qualitative approach with the type of literature review, namely by using a thematic method that is descriptive analysis. In collecting data, this research will rely entirely on the interpretation of al-Maraghi by Ahmad Musthofa Al-Maraghi, as the primary source of books, research journals as secondary sources, which are relevant to this research. The results of this study indicate that the general representation of nationalism according to Ahmad musthafa al-Maraghi in (QS. Al-Anbiya; 92), (QS. Al-A'raf: 160), (QS. Al-Baqarah: 144) is a constructive nationalism. spirit of nationalism by upholding all kinds of regulations for the sake of advancing the nation. There are at least three equal principles so that nationalism does not conflict with the Koran and Islamic syaria. Namely nationalism in the form of unity, the grouping of humans based on descent by maintaining their integrity, as well as love for the homeland</p> 2021-03-16T05:58:51+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##