SINERGITAS NEGARA DAN PENDIDIKAN ISLAM (Realasi dan peran kekuasaan Negara terhadap eksistensi pendidikan Islam di Indonesia)

  • Sahibuddin Sahibuddin Fakultas Agama Islam Universitas Islam Madura


In the world of Islamic history has illustrated that the actual condition of Islamic education, history is not only describes the reality that has occurred in the past, but also serves as a guide for the next generation, so that they are able to make better footing than before. As for the world of Islamic education in Indonesia, has been basically formed along with datanganya Islam in the archipelago, as one of the spread of Islam in this country is one of them through education, as well as through trade and marriage. The role and the pursuit of Islamic education in seizing and uniting the archipelago has become a country that is now called Indonesia of course very much. So therefore, the history of Islamic education during the old order, the new order and even at the time of the order of reforms now needs to be presented again in the exposure history. The State has immense power in organizing and running the government, including in the world of Islamic education, so that, the conditions of Islamic education have accrued over time, and even very different portion of the government which then akhrinya implications of the results of the implementation of the education.