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Dannur, M.Pd.I</td> </tr> <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%">Publisher</td> <td width="40">:&nbsp;Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat IAI Al-Khairat Pamekasan</td> </tr> <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%">Citation Analysis</td> <td width="40"><strong>: </strong><a href="">DOAJ</a> |<a href=""> Crossref</a> | <a href=";hl=id">Google Scholar</a> | Moraref</td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <p class="archiveDescription">&nbsp;FIKROTUNA;&nbsp;Jurnal Pendidikan dan Manajemen Islam; memuat kajian-kajian studi ilmiah tentang pendidikan dan manajemen Islam, inovasi pendidikan, kebijakan pendidikan dan pemikiran pendidikan dalam bentuk: 1) hasil penelitian, 2) gagasan konseptual, 3) tinjauan literatur, dan pengalaman praktis.</p> </div> <br> <p>&nbsp;</p> <div id="announcementsHome">&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> </div> <!-- content --></div> <!-- main --></div> <!-- body --></div> <!-- container --> Rekonstruksi Program Kelompok Kerja Guru SD/MI Pendidikan Agama Islam di Kecamatan Tambaksari Surabaya 2019-01-05T16:08:41+00:00 Moch Tolchah <p>This study aims to describe: the working group program of Islamic religious education teachers in Tambaksari Sub-district of Surabaya City, the mechanism of program implementation, its effectiveness, the supporting and inhibiting factors, the ideal profile construction program according to the board, and the reconstruction of the working group of teachers of religious education of Islam.The approach used is qualitative. The subject is coach, clerk, and cluster coordinator. Data were collected by observation, interview, and documentation. Data were analyzed by Yin model. Result of research: (1) program of working group of Islamic religious education teacher formulated at the beginning of each year through deliberation of board, builder, and cluster representative. Work programs are grouped per field, covering areas of religious dissemination, training and development, fundraising and welfare, and public relations; (2) Mechanism: The coach conducts incidental guidance, the general chairman is responsible for the organization's performance to the members, the field leader and the cluster coordinator are responsible to the chairman; (3) The effectiveness of the implementation teacher working group program of the Islamic teacher education can not be known because the board has not evaluated the results, but seen from the program implementation until September 2017 about 70% of the program can be done. The unfinished program is the commemoration of the great Islamic days of Muharram and the Islamic race commemorate the Prophet's Mawlid, social care to the orphanage, the making of android learning media, Quran literacy training, comparative studies, visiting scholars, peer tutors, joint ventures; (4) Supporting Factors: the willingness of the board and members to advance, the ability and openness of the board, and continuous coaching. Inhibiting factors: minimal funds, solid teacher teaching hours, insufficient infrastructure, and lack of government support; (5) Ideal program of working group of Islamic religious education teachers according to the board includes routine and development programs. Routine programs at least: learning discussions, syllabus formation, semester programs, and lesson plans, curriculum analysis, preparation of evaluation instruments, and consolidation of national examinations. Development programs can be selected for at least three of these activities: research, scientific writing, seminars, workshops, research findings, panel discussions, journal publications, and website development; (6) The main points of reconstruction of the working group of teachers of Islamic religious education include the need for Vision and mission formulation, program objectives, routine and development programs in which each program is formulated to facilitate the evaluation of its success and its implementation schedule.</p> 2018-12-31T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Kepemimpinan Kiai sebagai Personal Branding Pesantren dalam Perspektif Public Relation (Humas) 2019-01-05T16:08:41+00:00 Siti Nur Hakiki <p>Kiai leadership is a very influential figure in pesantren, Kiai plays an important role in progress promoting in pesantren. Leadership of the clerics in pesantren is individual leadership, which is the existence of personal Kiai in pesantren leader, in this case the research to find out how Kiai leadership is as a personal branding of pesantren in a perspective of public relations. This research is sourced from the Nadlatul Ulum Islamic boarding school in its place in Sukojember Jilbuk Jember, Nadlatul Ulum Islamic boarding school which is directly cared for by the cleric KH Moh.Tsabit Abd Hadi. KH Moh.Tsabit Abd Hadi's leadership was pesonal which became the center of Islamic boarding school progress and also the quality of the santriya. The purpose of the research results is to find out how the leadership of the clerics as personal branding in pesantren in the perspective of public relations. The description outlined from the results of the above research is how KH Mohs.Tsabit Abd Hadi's strategy is pesonal branding in the perspective of public relations in Islamic boarding schools, namely, KH Moh.Tsabit Abd Hadi through internal and external communication which communicates internal communication between Kiai and santri who were shown to be Kiai figures doubted the leadership of the pesantren while the external communication was the communication between Kiai and societies.</p> 2018-12-31T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Implementasi Pendidikan Karakter Islam di Sekolah Dasar Islam Terpadu Ikhtiar Makassar 2019-01-05T16:08:42+00:00 SAMPARA PALILI <p>This article explores the Implementation of Islamic Character Education in Millenial Era in Integrated Islamic Elementary School Ikhtiar Makassar; the approach used is qualitative descriptive and collecting data through: 1) Observation, 2) Interviews and 3) documentation directly at the Locus of Research. The results of the research carried out illustrated that the SDIT efforts in shaping the character of its students in accordance with the character of Islam and the goal of national education in millenial era carries out various efforts in daily routines in schools, those were: 1) through fostering faith and piety to Allah, 2) through learning process, 3) through the implementation of flag ceremonies and 4) through the enforcement of school rules, attitudes and culture. The values ​​of Islamic characters that are created in these 4 activities include: 1) Love, Obedience, and obeying the commands of Allah and His Messenger, 2) love of science, respect for teachers, cooperation, diligence, confidence, discipline, obedience to regulations agreed, 3) homeland love, nationalism, patriotism and idealism and 4) siddiq character, fathanah, trust, tabligh and just and humble</p> 2018-12-31T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Comparative Education antara MTS As-Shiddiqi dengan SMP Katolik di Kabupaten Pamekasan 2019-01-05T16:08:42+00:00 Moh Wardi Supandi Supandi <p><strong>&nbsp;</strong></p> <p>Building harmonious and peaceful interaction between communities of different religions, is necessary to change the theological paradigm; that is passive, textual, and exclusive, leading towards the theology of inclusive, mutual respect, mutual recognition of existence, thinking and being positive among others. The paradigm of plural education in the future is democratic education, this can only be realized in a democratic society, nation and country. By providing the opportunities for the implementation of harmony and peace. The author describes about the Comparison of Islamic Education with Non-Islam (comparative study in Madrasah Tsanawiyah As-Shiddiqi and Catholic Junior High Schools (SMP) in Pamekasan Regency). The different point of these two educational institutions is the allocation of lesson hour (JTM). In Islamic Education is 2 hours a week in each religious material including Fiqh, Al-Quran, Aqidah and SKI subjects. Whereas in Catholic education is only given about 2 lessons, and the other is the same as other general education. For educational institutions that are specified into Uskupan or Romo, the applied curriculum is a matter of theology, such as seminaries starting from senior high school until university</p> 2018-12-31T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Lesbian, Gay , Bisexual dan Transgender Penyembuhan dan Upaya Membentuk Kepribadian Islami di Era Generasi Millenial melalui Psikoterapi Islam 2019-01-05T16:08:42+00:00 Ahmad Andry B <p>This article basically discusses how to form a millennial generation of Islamic personality whose main focus is to cure adolescents infected with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) viruses.the rapid development of technology and the ease of accessing the internet have become the entrances to the millennial LGBT virus, so as to cure teenagers infected by LGBT virus, one of the is Islamic psychotherapy which uses sufism or tasawwuf approaches including takhalli, tahalli and tajalli. Islamic psychotherapy can cure several diseases, namely mental, spiritual and moral disorders, even delivering humans to Islamic personalities who are pious, clean, holy and find the existence of an essential god.</p> 2018-12-31T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Pembentukan Karakter Peduli dan Berbudaya Lingkungan bagi Peserta Didik di Madrasah Melalui Program Adiwiyata 2019-01-05T16:08:42+00:00 Nur Hafida Abdul Hamid Wahid <p>This paper presents the formation of caring and environmentally friendly characters for students in the madrasah. Along with the increasing number of environmental problems, it is important and urgent to intensify the environmental care movement in the context of education, so that the green school and green curriculum concept is created, which is realized through the adiwiyata program. This study used a qualitative method with a case study, with a research site at Probolinggo MTs Negeri 1 Probolinggo. The results showed that, the challenges and character formation of caring and cultured students include; the first is the low level of public support for the adwiyata program, both parents' support that has not been optimal in realizing caring and cultured madrasas. The three times changes that are increasingly advanced make all human needs easily met with the help of machines. While the strategy of character building for caring and environmentally friendly students through the adiwiyata program is carried out through; the first is the formation of characters integrated in learning activities, second through the formation of madrasa culture, the third is extracurricular activities, fourth involves families and communities</p> 2019-01-05T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Strainghtening Character Through Islamic Education in Millennial Era 2019-01-05T16:08:42+00:00 Moh Hafidurrahman <p>The rapid progress of science and technology which has a serious impact on the community change is called as millennial era. The impact requires us to determine the right attitude and in accordance with the values of Islam by creating three balances; spirit, soul (ratio) and body. Surely it gives good impact for the children brains development. But in other sides the children tend to be lazy to study in the school and lazy to read a book which is the window of the world. While our school still use board marker, white board, table, and chair in which these are not so interesting for them in comparing with the many tools existing in the mobile full of colors. While studying in the school provides only two colors (black and white) whereas there are thousand colors in mobiles. Moreover, many apps on mobile are far from the educational character that is the main soul as Muslim.</p> <p>A comprehensive and integrated learning method will be a solid foundation in straightening character in the millennial era, the need for teacher is to connect wisdom and blessings from God to students. The goal is that students have a good behavior in social life and fear of Allah S.W.T. Education is a help to awaken, arouse, grow, enable and empower students natural potential in having good character. Islamic education will give many stepping actions how to produce a good generation having good character gradually, from the education in pre-conception, post-conception, prenatal, and the post-natal education. There are five recommendations that Islam offer how to straighten the character i.e. knowing the good, &nbsp;feeling and loving the good, acting the good, modelling and exemplary, the last is repentance or regret. &nbsp;</p> 2018-12-31T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Growing Good Attitude (Akhlaqul Karimah) as Character Education to The Children Through “Omar And Hana” Cartoon Film Series 2019-01-05T16:08:42+00:00 Risca Dwiaryanti <p>Education in the millennium era is very important. It is make the development of high technology give many negative and positive impacts. High-tech make people’s life easier than in the past. There are many new product based on technology, such as mobile phone&nbsp; that used internet network. There are many important and interesting application inside it. One of the negative impact of high-tech is the degradation of moral value because of over using social media as a new trend. People prefer interact with their friends in the social media than friends around them. There is no limitation of time and country to do anything with it. Some parents who are worry about it, teach character education or called akhlaqul karimah in Islam to their children as young generation, so that they have a good personality when they are grow up in the future. Akhlaq is very important in Islam and it&nbsp; is &nbsp;taught first by our prophet Muhammad SAW before teaching tauhid (Allah is the only God). He said that a muslim who have good akhlaq will reach the level of someone who is fasting and praying and Allah promised heaven for it. To grow good akhlaq as character education, parents or teacher should teach as early age as possible to the children.&nbsp; Based on Piaget and Brown, the characteristics of children that started from 2 years old they are begin to think symbolically and as good imitators. In the millennium era there are many digital media to facilitate them knowing akhlaqul karimah as character education. Cartoon film “Omar and Hana” series is a suitable media for children because it has and nice picture to attract their attention and completed with song with nice lyrics related&nbsp; to akhlaq to make them more joyful while watching. They can &nbsp;gain the information and message from it. They also able to memorize it easily. The characters of this film are able to become good model of good muslims in terms of act, talk, and behave in the daily life, so that it will grow akhlaqul karimah of the children as character education until they are adult.</p> 2018-12-31T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Manajemen Pembelajaran dalam Penjaminan Mutu Pendidikan (Studi Multi Situs di SMA Negeri 1 dan SMA Negeri 3 Pamekasan) 2019-01-06T15:36:58+00:00 Hadaie Efendy <p>State Senior High School (SMAN 1 Pamekasan) and Vocational High School (SMK 3 Pamekasan) which both have excellent class programs in managing learning that are used for superior class programs are essentially the same as learning management for regular programs. The difference is in the development of learning management to fulfill the needs of students who have potential intelligence and special talent. Learning management is expected to play a role in empowering students. This study aims to analyze and describe: (1) Lesson plan, (2) Lesson organizing, (3) implementation of&nbsp; learning, (4) learning monitoring, (5) evaluating learning in assurance of education quality, (6) the quality of education produced, (7) learning obstacles in assurance of education quality. The type of this research is qualitative descriptive with the design of multi-site study. the results of this study found (1) learning plan is carried out by team work, performance meetings and decision&nbsp; of priority programs, (2) organizing the learning in assurance&nbsp; of education quality carried out by teachers who are allied in one subject matter, material, content selection, structuring content, integrating quality academic to succeed in the international science olympiad by not abandoning students’ character values and qualified output, (3) the implementation of learning involves students' mental and physical processes, (4) learning monitoring is done comparing the results of previous monitoring with government regulations, (5) evaluation learning involves all elements with the existence of reward and punishment, (6) the quality of education produces students with academic and non-academic achievements, obtains great trust from the society where the graduates are accepted in favorite state universities, (7) the constraints namely curriculum policy which often changes, the ideal student books are still limited, new assessment systems and different interpretations by each teacher, the culture of research is still limited.</p> 2018-12-31T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Internalisasi Sikap Toleransi Siswa Madrasah di Lingkungan Vihara Avalokitesvara 2019-01-05T16:13:35+00:00 Ali Ridho <p>The research about the intenalization of the Students’ tolerance attitudes conducted at Madarsah Diniyah Miftahul Qulub III, Candi hamlet, Polagan Village, Galis district, Pamekasan regency was conducted to find out the objective condition of Madrasah Diniyah Miftahul Qulub III so that it could be used as a role model for the concept of learning in a multicultural area. In addition, this research is to find out about the things that Madrasah do in the effort to internalize students 'tolerance attitudes and to explain the impact of the steps to internalize students' tolerance attitudes conducted by Madrasah Diniyah Miftahul Qulub III.</p> <p>This research study used a qualitative approach with the primary instrument (main) used is an interview instrument (interview), while documentation and observation are only as supporters. While the type of research that will be used is a case study by means of descriptive analysis, namely by studying cases or phenomena related to the internalization of the tolerance attitude of madrasah students in the Vihara environment. From the results of this study, it was found that the internalization of the tolerance attitude of students in the Madrasah Diniyah (MD) Miftahul Qulub could be a role model for another madrasah. Because the building of tolerance continues to be driven by all components of society, especially madrasah stakeholders. Furthermore, the implementation of internalization includes the subject matter, namely the subjects of the Taisirul Khallaq book and Akhlakul lilbanin, which both emphasize the muamalah relationship which orientation is manifested in the form of amaliyah in students' daily lives, so that harmony will continue to be established. While the impact of the internalization of student tolerance is very pronounced in the hamlet of Candi, where the multicultural and multi-ethnic and religious regions are truly normal and harmonious. So based on this research, this locus is worthy to be used as a reference and even become an icon of tolerant madrasah in this country.</p> 2018-12-31T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##