Implementasi Pembelajaran Perkembangan Mental Anak Berkebutuhan Khusus (ABK) di Sekolah Alam Mi Bilingual Al-Ikhlas Kepanjen Malang

  • Muhammad Husni IAI Al-Qolam Malang


ABSTRAK The Implementation of the learning is the process of implementing learning in implementing a structured plan or program in carrying out the learning process. For the application of learning, there are there  companion teachers who handle children of heaven experts. When students are about to the start learning, they are always given finger test therapy, so that the companion teacher can find out which part of the brain is more active. The learning approach uses an individual approach and uses an individual curriculum combined with the 2013 curriculum. This study used a qualitative approach with qualitative descriptive research. The proof obtained were written proof in accordance with the interview guidelines. The use of documentation Proof a collection techniques includes: principal proof, educator proof, student proof, learning programs for children with special needs The application of learning to the power  development of children with special needs (ABK) is to use an individual curriculum combined with the 2013 curriculum and the learning uses an individual approach. Before learning begins, the companion teacher always provides finger test therapy for children before starting learning. The teacher's effort in improving children's the power  development is to provide opportunities to answer questions / work on questions given by the teacher and give Stars / Rewards. Keywords: the Learning Implementation, the power of the Development