Kebijakan Pendidikan Islam Masa Orde Baru

  • Heni Yuningsih Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam Ihyaul Ulum Gresik
Keywords: Policy of Education, Islamic Education, New Era


Education is the main pillar of the establishment of a nation. Education is an effort to design future generations to advance the human as a nation. Applied the concept of education in Indonesia, can never be separated from politics and policy elements. Education in the New Order is a centralized educational  system  or  in  terms  of  making  quality  education  sentralilasi Indonesia is getting worse. Thus, education in the New Order is not to improve living standards, let alone to improve human resources in Indonesia, but give priority to political orientation so that all people always comply with any government policy. The Doctrine of the New Order in our education system is the  government  decision  is  a  decision  that  should  not  be  violated.  This assessment  focused  on  the  development  of  Islam,  Islamic  education  policy during the New Order, and the impacts that occur after the birth of the policy. The study used a qualitative approach to the study of analytical methods. Analytical  studies  used  were  of  analytical  historical  and  analytical  policy. Islamic education under the New Order have evolved gradually among the institutions began to establish Islamic schools in the education system. In this system-level education is divided into elementary schools (Ibtidaiyah), junior high (Tsanawiyah), and Aliyah. Government imposed a policy that religious education  should  be  taught  from  elementary  school  (SD)  to  the  university. Islamic education is growing with the emergence of several agencies and programs of activities of Islamic teachings.