At-Tahdzib: Jurnal Studi Islam dan Muamalah <p>At-Tahdzib: Jurnal Studi Islam dan Muamalah diterbitkan oleh Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam At-Tahdzib Ngoro Jombang</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam At-Tahdzib Ngoro Jombang Indonesia en-US At-Tahdzib: Jurnal Studi Islam dan Muamalah 2089-7723 <p><a href="" rel="license"><img style="border-width: 0;" src="" alt="Creative Commons License"></a><br>Jurnal Studi Islam by <a href="/index.php/tahdzib/index" rel="cc:attributionURL">At-Tahdzib</a> is licensed under a <a href="" rel="license">Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License</a>.<br>Based on a work at&nbsp;<a href=""></a></p> Pemahaman Matan Hadith Mukhtalif (Studi Hadith Nabi Musa Memukul Wajah Malaikat Maut) <p><em>The content of the Prophet's Hadith will always be in line and in harmony with the content of the Qur'an. When encountering the Hadith content which is indicated as odd (mukhtalif), it is necessary to do in-depth research. It is found in the book of Saheeh Bukhari that the Prophet Musa struck the Angel of Death face. In simple words the hadith seems absurd, how a Prophet dared to hit the Angel face. In this study, we will find the fact that angels were human when they met the Prophets. When this human form, the Prophet Musa struck the face of the Angel of Death. Angels turned out to be a number of human beings when met with several Prophets.</em></p> Purwantoro Purwantoro ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2020-01-06 2020-01-06 7 2 139 152 Hak Syuf’ah dalam Akad Musyarakah Mutanaqishah <p><em>Musyarakah Mutanaqishah is one of </em><em>a</em><em>kad which has minor risk compared to the other </em><em>a</em><em>kad that is commonly implemented by sharia banking. In </em><em>Musyarakah </em><em>Mutanaqisah contract of cooperation </em><em>Musyarakah </em><em>Mutanaqishah can be done in various commercial business activities, with the form of business that is </em><em>s</em><em>hariah compliant, among others; the principle of buying and selling, and renting rent. The important point is to be aware of that </em><em>Musyarakah </em><em>Mutanaqisah creates ownership in the form of a stationary asset, the parties in the union are not allowed to sell the portion of the assets owned to the other party outside the union without permission from other members of the union. Because, when members of the union sell their portions to the outside of the Union, there is a right to the members of the long-standing member of the assets that have been purchased by new members of the union. When the rights of Syuf’ah are applied, there is a worry that the parties are harmed. Based on this background, the author examines the right of Syuf’ah in </em><em>Musyarakah </em><em>Mutanaqishah contract.</em></p> <p><em>&nbsp;Based on the results of the study of the rules of agreement Musyarakah Mutanaqishah, based on theories and the rules of Dewan Syariah Nasional-Majelis Ulama Indonesia do not discuss the rules regarding the prohibition of parties in the union move or sell to other parties outside the union. But the implementation of this agreement on Sharia banking, the Otoritas Jasa Keuangan regulates the standard application of Musyarakah Mutanaqisah product. In the standard book the application of musyarakah Mutanaqishah products, arranged in relation to Negative Covenant clause. In drafting a financing agreement contract with the Musyarakah Mutanaqisah scheme, the bank should bind customer not to divert and surrender the portion of the customer's ownership to the other party, either in whole or in part. The author hopes the rule of application of this agreement is also noticed by other financial institutions, especially non-bank financial institutions in its transaction also implementing Musyarakah Mutanaqisah contract.</em></p> Faridatul Fitriyah ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-11-20 2019-11-20 7 2 157 178 Pengaruh Kepemimpinan Partisipatif Pada Kinerja Mahasiswa Magang: Peran Mediasi Kepercayaan Pada Organisasi <p><em>Research involving final-year students’ university internship on Islamic High School for three months. Students completing measure instruments that developed by researcher. Data covered used to test of direct and indirect effect of participative leadership toward task and contextual performance with mediation of affective and cognitive-trust in leader. Result of analysis shows participative leadership, affective and cognitive-trust in leader simultaneously has positive influence toward task and contextual performance. Participative leadership partially has positive influence on both task and contextual performance as well as on affective and cognitive-trust in leader. Affective-trust in leader partially has positive influence on task performance. Direct effect of participative leadership on task performance was bigger from indirect effect by affective-trust in leader, and total effect was bigger from direct effect. Influence of participative leadership on task performance unmediated by affective-trust in leader. Because contextual performance uninfluenced by affective-trust in leader, so affective-trust unmediated for influence of participative leadership on contextual performance. Because no influence of cognitive-trust on task and contextual performance, so cognitive-trust unmediated for influence of participative leadership, both on task or contextual performance. Research finding would discuss in students internship context.</em></p> Supeno Supeno Ali Audah ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-11-02 2019-11-02 7 2 137 156 Relevansi Corporate Social Responsibility Terhadap Nilai-Nilai Ekonomi Islam Perspektif Mazhab Mainstream <p>Corporate social responsibility is a program dedicated to the interests of humanity and the environment and&nbsp;is intended&nbsp;to promote human beings, especially those around Environmental sustainability, especially where the company&nbsp;is operated. Corporate Social Responsibility is a concept relevant to the economic values of Islam in the point of view of the Mainstream sect. Researchers divide it into 3 principles, as follows: 1) Corporate Social Responsibility&nbsp;is faced&nbsp;with the principle of compound ownership (Multitype&nbsp;ownership) is relevant to the value of ownership (ownership) and the value of balance (equilibrium). Ownership values include private property and collective ownership. The balance value in terms of balance between right and obligation&nbsp;should be&nbsp;in care. Both of these values&nbsp;are derived&nbsp;from the value of Unity of God. 2) Corporate Social Responsibility if connected with the principle of freedom of action/endeavor&nbsp;(freedom to act) is&nbsp;to&nbsp;the company with the community that belongs to the concept of&nbsp;Khalifat&nbsp;That implies unity and brotherhood. Such freedom is in the context of economic freedom that corresponds to&nbsp;Sharia. 3) Corporate Social Responsibility Judging by the social Justice principles (social Justice)&nbsp;is demonstrated&nbsp;through its identity as part of the company's business ethics in which it applies the principle of fairness. Because in its implications, CSR emphasizes the concept of 3 P (profit, people, and planet) interrelated.</p> Bustanul Arifin Zainal Fanani M Muflikhul Khitam ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-10-21 2019-10-21 7 2 100 120 Dampak Obyek Wisata Religi Makam Gus Dur Terhadap Pendapatan Pedagang Di Tebuireng Kecamatan Diwek Kabupaten Jombang <p>This study aims to determine the impact of religious tourism Gus Dur of income traders, these findings are;</p> <p>Visitors to the tomb of Sunan degrees has a goal to enjoy and linger in the pilgrimage, the pilgrims usually they unwind by buying food and drinks around the tomb of Sunan degrees as well as pocket money if there is more they prefer to buy souvenirs bearing the tomb of Gus Dur , even they also provided a place to stay so it can also indirectly increase the income of traders. Friday day on certain days of the Islamic month of Ramadan, especially in the number of visitors increased.</p> <p>Results of analysis of different test average (compare the mean) with t-test with Paired Two Sample for Means (Paired Data) between income trader before he was traded by the trade around the tomb of Gus Dur with an average income of 42 food and beverage vendors, toys children, souvenir, souvenirs and religious equipment moving at intervals 28,444,390,243.90 and 122,250,000,00 with average earnings up to 1,650,000,00 526.097.56 showed that it greatly affects the location of differences on income traders, before trading at the location about the Tomb of Gus Dur by not selling around the grave even though the merchants did not have the homogeneity of old sell.</p> Ilyas Nurul Azam ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-10-21 2019-10-21 7 2 121 136 Adil Dalam Poligami Menurut Kyai Di Jombang Perspektif M. Quraish Shihab <p><em>This article reviews about M. Quraish Shihab's perspective polygamy, and the one who practices polygamy is a Kyai in Jombang Regency. The status of polygamy has been registered at the Jombang M. Quraish Shihab Religious Court, seeing that justice can only be in the matter of matei, while being fair in matters of affection is very difficult to apply to people who are polygamous. Whereas the Kyai in Jombang who do polygamy can all only be fair in material matters, if in terms of affection it is very difficult to do this in line with the view of M. Quraish Shihab.</em></p> Ahmad Khotim Gempur Malessantoro ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-10-06 2019-10-06 7 2 80 99 Peranan Pondok Pesantren Di Era Digital <p>Islamic Boarding School Education is the most fun for students in this digital age because Islamic Boarding School education is very convenient for the development of children's mental health in order to achieve world education goals and the hereafter. To answer the challenges of parents, the Islamic Boarding School in this era was equipped with a very complete formal education. Especially to form an Islamic character that has added values ​​in creating children with the character of al-akhlaq al-karimah. For parents, God willing, the world of pesantren is an educational institution that will bring prosperity and safety to their children, not only welfare in the world, but isya Allah the welfare of life in the hereafter. Herein lies the importance of the Research on the Role of Islamic Boarding Schools in the Digital Era, this is a solution for parents of students who will leave their children in Islamic Boarding Schools. There used to be a lot of assumptions by parents who left their children at the Islamic boarding school to only print Modin and Kyai, but that assumption was completely eroded by the reality in the field which was able to prove, that many children of Islamic Boarding School graduates who entered State Universities, such as UNAIR, ITS , Universitas Brawijaya Malang, UGM, and so on can be anything, so the assumption disappears on its own. So that empirical evidence is able to change the paradigm of students 'parents' thinking to increasingly love Islamic boarding schools. In the community's old-fashioned thinking, they consider boarding schools are only to accommodate children who are not achievers, (Naughty), then Islamic Boarding Schools in this Era, the assumption disappears by itself, because Islamic boarding school graduates are able to displace the outstanding state schools, because pesantren are managed by modern management and are increasingly loved and loved by the community, except pesantren which apply special management of the salaf method).</p> Abdul Muid ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-10-06 2019-10-06 7 2 62 79 Konsep Istinbath Hukum Kontemporer Menurut Said Ramadlan Al Buthi <p>The result development of era diverse contemporary problems we are facing automatically increase, many contemporary issues that need legal solutions, on the other hand the existing methodology is sometimes considered inadequate to provide tailored solutions for the benefit required. One of the determination law methods initiated by contemporary scholars is al-Bûthi’s concept of <em>maslahat</em>. His intellectual career that get many scholars’ attention, the high appreciation from the other scholars because of his personal charisma, and the uniqueness of his thoughts attract researchers to conduct the study on his concept of thought about <em>maslahat</em>. Based on this background the researcher interested to discuss about contemporary concept of istinbath according to Sa'id Ramadan al-Bûthi, then its application in the determination of Islamic law, also the relevance and significance for solving problems of the contemporary issues in Indonesia. The purpose of this study was to describe the contemporary concept <em>according to </em>Sa'id Ramadan al-Bûthi, then its application in the determination of Islamic law in Indonesia, also the relevance and significance for solving problems of the contemporary issues. The conclusion of this research is that contemporary concept of istinbath according to al-Bûthi must use <em>istishlahi</em> method, not the textualy one, only applying the text without being contextualized with the times and condition, nor too free without limitation when taking rests using the basis of maslahah, <em>according to </em>Sa'id Ramadan al-Bûthi the concept of istinbath law using maslahat considerations must fulfill five limits or restrictions (<em>dlawâbith</em>), namely: (1) <em>maslahat </em>must be ranged within the scope of the purpose of sari'ah '(<em>maqâshid as-syari'ah</em>), (2) does not contradict with al-Quran, (3) does not contradict with the Sunnah, (4) does not contradict with al-Qiyas, (5) does not ignore <em>maslahat </em>more important and urgrnt. Application of the Bûthi’s concept of <em>maslahat </em>for example is the determination of the law of jihad, the establishment of intellectual property rights, charity profession, waqf the money, etc.. From this it can be seen the relevance and significance of the the Bûthi’s concept of <em>maslahat </em>to be applied for solving contemporary problems in Indonesia.</p> Abdul Basith ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-10-06 2019-10-06 7 2 44 61 Studi Komparasi Antara Pendapat Madzhab Maliki dan Madzhab Syafi’i tentang Mahar Mitsil Bagi Istri yang Ditinggal Mati Suaminya Qobla Dukhul <p><em>One of the issues that need to be highlighted as well as the attention among Muslims is the issue of dowry, especially in the situation of a husband who does not determine the dowry and dies qabla dukhul. Furthermore, regarding the dowry of qabla dukhul, there were differences of opinion from several Muslim scholars, especially Maliki and the Shafi'i School of Religion.</em></p> <p><em>The purpose of this study was to find out the opinions of Madhab Maliki and Syafi'i Madhhab about the dowry of the night for the wife left behind by her husband qobla dukhul and to find out about the law of Madhab Maliki and Syafi'i Madhhab to find out the similarities and differences of opinion between the two schools.</em></p> <p><em>The results showed that according to the Maliki School of Wife whose wife had left her husband qobla dukhul and had not mentioned the dowry, the wife was not entitled to receive dowry but was entitled to inheritance. Whereas according to the Shafi'i School of Religion in this matter, it was argued that if the wife left behind by her husband qobla dukhul while the husband did not mention the dowry, the wife would still be entitled to receive dowry and inheritance.</em></p> <p><em>Based on the analysis in this study, it can be concluded that the differences of opinion between the Maliki Madrasah and the Syafi'i Madhhabis are caused by the conflict between qiyas and atsar. Madhab Maliki stressed the dowry of prices on buying and selling. So when the husband dies qobla dukhul, the husband does not need to pay dowry. The Maliki school of thought took up the argument by referring to the friend of Ali ibn Abi Talib. While the Shafi'i School of Understanding has an understanding that when the marriage contract has taken place, and the marriage becomes legal from the side of the law, the bride price must be given to the wife. This opinion holds to the hadith narrated by Tirmidhi from Ibn Mas'ud</em></p> Yayat Dimyati ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-09-19 2019-09-19 7 2 148 167 Strategi Pengembangan Industri Kreatif Berbasis Kearifan Lokal (Studi Pada Sentra Industri Kerajinan Batik Banyuwangi) <p>The results of this study are 1) The value chain in the Banyuwangi batik craft industry is creation, production, distribution and commercialization. The four value chains are business processes that exist in the Banyuwangi batik craft industry.</p> <p>2) The SWOT analysis technique shows the position index on internal factor analysis of + 0.796 and on the external position index of +0.8859. So that in the SWOT diagram that is seen in the position located on Quadrant I namely quadrant which means that the potential of the banyuwangi batik craft industry has a very large opportunity to grow and even compete with other batik industries. In addition, from the internal aspect shows that the ideas / ideas and creations that are built through the characteristics of Banyuwangi batik are very good.</p> <p>3) To get optimal results in the development of creative industries in the Banyuwangi batik craft industry, collaboration between the main actors is needed with the starting points of these three main actors; (1) Commitment of intellectuals, business and government, continuous coordination between the three actors, and seek synergy to develop the creative industry. Where the role of the Banyuwangi district government has been to socialize about Banyuwangi batik to the outside public, both directly and through official media of the local government, besides training members, holding festivals both in Banyuwangi and outside. Whereas in terms of the role of academics, so far they have not contributed to the development of batik in Banyuwangi in the form of training, research results and community service. And from the aspect of the business actor, has carried out various methods with creative batik products according to their identity. The real form that is done is by using social media, opening cooperation with agents and opening their own outlets to introduce and sell their products.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> Zaim Mukaffi ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-09-15 2019-09-15 7 2 20 43 Peranan Zakat, Infak Dan Sedekah (ZIS) Dalam Upaya Meningkatkan Perekonomian Masyarakat Kota Metro <p>Zakat, infaq and almsgiving is one of the worship in Islam to seek pleasure from Allah SWT. In Islam besides worshiping zakat, infaq and almsgiving are also effective solutions for poverty alleviation. Therefore a zakat, infaq and alms management body is needed which has a good management mechanism and has an optimal role in efforts to improve the economy in the community. LAZISNU Metro City was formed in order to maximize the management of zakat and maximize the increase in the economy of the community in Metro City.</p> <p>This research is a field research with theoretical, normative, pedagogical and philosophical approaches. Sources of data sourced from primary data obtained from the results of direct interviews and secondary data in the form of written information from the literature. Data collection through observation, documentation interview, triangulation and final stages is to draw conclusions.</p> <p>The results of this study indicate that the zakat management mechanism that exists in LAZISNU Metro City is quite good, but there are still some parts that are not maximal due to the obstacles faced. The role of zakat, infaq and almsgiving in an effort to improve the economy of the community in Metro City runs in the form of consumptive assistance and productive assistance. The implementation is carried out based on Islamic law and the Law. Therefore LAZISNU Metro City needs to continue to evaluate in order to achieve a maximum role in an effort to improve the economy of the community in Metro City.</p> Ani Mardiantari Habib Ismail Haris Santoso M. Muslih ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-09-10 2019-09-10 7 2 1 19 Relevansi Madrasah Diniyah Takmiliyah terhadap Pengembangan Program Studi Hukum Ekonomi Syari’ah (Mu’amalah) di Madrasah Diniyah Takmiliyah At-Tahdzib Jombang <p>Penelitian tentang Relevansi Madrasah Diniyah Takmiliyah terhadap Pengembangan Program Studi Hukum Ekonomi Syari’ah (Mu’amalah) di Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam At-Tahdzib ini sangatlah penting. Karena penelitian ini meliputi aspek material yang terkandung dalam muatan kurikulum MDT dan kurikulum Prodi HES di STAI At-Tahdzib. Dengan pendekatan kualitatif, penelitian menghasilkan kesimpulan sebagaimana berikut : 1) Peran Madrasah Diniyah dalam meningkatkan mutu Pendidikan&nbsp; khususnya dalam kemampuan pengembangan keagamaan dan Bahasa sangat banyak salah satunya dalam penanaman nilai -nilai Islam lebih dini pada peserta didik. 2) Kerjasama Madrasah Diniyah At-tahdzib dengan Prodi di lingkungan STAIA ini yang akan menjadi nilai plus bagi Prodi dalam peningkatan mutu pendidikan terutama dalam bidang keagamaan. 3) hasil mutu pendidikan sebagaiamana berikut, &nbsp;Ranah Kognitif ranah yang mencakup kegiatan mental (otak). Dan &nbsp;segala upaya yang menyangkut aktifitas otak hal ini bisa dibuktikan dengan hasil ujian persemester dan hasil ujian nasional &nbsp;Ranah Afektif mencakup segala sesuatu yang terkait dengan emosi, misalnya perasaan, nilai, penghargaan, semangat,minat, motivasi, dan sikap. Peneliti mengidentifikasi ranah efektif ini dengan motivasi dan semangat mahasiswa dalam pelaksanaan sholat jamaah dan &nbsp;menjaga kebersihan. Psikomotorik meliputi gerakan dan koordinasi jasmani, keterampilan &nbsp;motorik dan kemampuan fisik seperti keaktifan mahasiswa baik dalam kelas maupun luar kelas dalam mengikuti segala kegiatan di kampus dan pesantren.</p> Ahmad Insya' Ansori Bustanul Arifin Purwantoro Purwantoro ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-09-10 2019-09-10 7 2 128 147 Hak Cipta Dalam Diskursus Ekonomi Islam <p>Pemahaman terhadap harta sebelum revolusi industri pertama hanya mencakup sesuatu yang visibel dan ekonomis. Namun paasca fenomena tersebut, terjadi pergeseran paradigma yang memperluas pengertian harta. Pada titik ini, hak cipta (<em>copy rights) </em>menjadi objek baru dalam kajian hukum dan menjadikannya sebagai salah satu hak yang mendapat perlindungan. Penelitian ini ingin mengungkap bagaimana Islam memandang eksistensi dari hak cipta. Dengan menggunakan pendekatan historis-normatif, dapat diketahui bahwasanya konsep harta dalam islam sebenarnya telah mengakomodir hak cipta dan menjadikannya sebagai salah satu hal yang dapat dimiliki sebagai harta. akan tetapi diskursus mengenai hal ini baru terjadi pada masa kontemporer. Sebelumnya, eksistensi Hak cipta kurang mendapatkan perhatian karena masih dianggap kurang bernilai secara ekonomis. Pembahasan mengenai kekayaan intelektual juga sudah diuraikan secara jelas dan rinci dalam karya-karya ulama kontemporer muslim, seperti wahbah zuhaili dan lain sebagainya.</p> Moh Ulumuddin ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-09-08 2019-09-08 7 2 114 127 Kapitalisme Dan Islam Dalam Pergulatan Ekonomi <p>The unpreparedness of human resources in the development of the state, especially the economy, has resulted in the choice of many Islamic countries being oriented and oriented towards these two main ideologies, namely the capitalist model developed by Western countries or the socialists adopted by Russia and China. As well as adopting the totality of these two ideologies as a foothold in managing human resources, natural resources in economic activities. Although both of them have principles that are not in accordance with Islamic teachings.</p> Yoyok Rimbawan ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-07-05 2019-07-05 7 2 101 113 Orientasi dan Perkembangan Regulasi Perbankan Syariah <p><em>Banking regulation in command (UU No 14 years 1967 on banking points up to the last regulation of UU No 21 year 2011 on OJK, so that there is a clear description of the history of regulatory developments Sharia banking. The presence of Sharia banks in the midst of conventional banking is at least two main reasons concerning the background of the establishment of Sharia banks, namely: first, from the legal aspect, the view that the interest in the conventional bank The law is unlawful because it belongs to the category of Riba forbidden in religion, not only on the religion of Islam but also by other religious religions; Secondly, from the economic aspect, the surrender of business risk to one party is judged to violate the norms of justice and can cause selfishness.</em></p> Moh Ulumuddin ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-05-19 2019-05-19 7 2 128 138 Marketing Mix Berbasis Price Discount dan Bonus Packs Untuk Bisnis Online <p>In the era of global science and technology development and overall all lines of life, all aspects of life are touched by internet access included in the business world. Marketing of products and services sold online known as e-commerce or e-business is also used by online shop Nala Hijab. The purpose of this study was to determine consumer perceptions of price discount and bonus packs on the attractiveness of purchases and the level of satisfaction felt by customers Nala Hijab. This study uses a qualitative descriptive approach. The result showed that online promotion price discount and bonus packs and the perception of price perceptions of each other had significant effect on the value of customer satisfaction and trust in the Nala Hijab store. The result of this study indicate that the promotion carried out by Nala Hijab is appropriate, because it can influence consumer purchasing decisions through perceived value of satisfaction and trust. The accuracy of the Nala Hijab online store in taking marketing stimulation actions on products, prices, and promotion mix is a success in taking action to maintain business success competitiveness.</p> Alisia Muamanah Achmad Fawaid ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-05-03 2019-05-03 7 2 85 99 Urgensi Kodifikasi Hukum Keluarga Islam Dalam Dunia Muslim <p>Hukum Islam adalah hukum yang bersumber dari dan menjadi bagian dari agama Islam. Salah satu produk hukum yang dihasilkan dari ijtihad para mujtahid adalah mengenai hukum-hukum yang berkenaan dengan masalah-masalah di dalam keluarga, yang selanjutnya disebut hukum keluaraga Islam. Hingga dewasa ini, telah banyak negara-negara Muslim yang menjadikan hukum keluarga Islam sebagai sebuah perundang-undangan yang mengatur urusan di lingkungan keluarga umat Islam. Seiring berubahnya waktu dan kondisi, hukum keluarga Islam yang telah dikodifikasi terus mengalami pembaharuan guna menjawab masalah-masalah yang timbul di dalam keluarga masyarakat Muslim. Selanjumya penelitian ini berusaha menjawab permasalahan mengapa upaya kodifikasi hukum keluarga Islam di dunia Muslim menjadi sebuah hal yang penting untuk dilakukan?. Dengan mentelaah beberapa literaratur kepustakaan, serta menggunakan pendekatan normatif,sosiologis, dan historis dapat diambil kesimpulan bahwa upaya kodifikasi hukum keluarga Islam di dunia Muslim menjadi urgen dikarenakan tiga faktor: <em>Pertama</em>, Hukum Keluarga Islam menduduki posisi yang lebih penting dibandingkan dengan hukum-hukum lain dalam rumpun hukum muamalah Islam. <em>Kedua</em>, Adanya nilai positif dari upaya kodifikasi hukum keluarga Islam. <em>Ketiga</em>, Hukum Islam lebih dapat diterima dan diterapkan di masyarakat dibandingkan dengan hukum Barat</p> Muchammad Hammad ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-04-18 2019-04-18 7 2 156 170 Sebuah Kajian Etnometodologi: Metode Ajakan Tertawa Pengurus Harian Jurusan Syariah Stai Attahdzib Dalam Whatsapp Grup Cangkruk <p><em>Etnometodologi adalah salah satu teori yang dipayungi oleh paradigma definisi sosial yang menfokuskan studinya mengenai kegiatan manusia sehari-hari atas dasar&nbsp;common sense. Dalam realitanya entah berdasar kepentingan praktis ataukah teoritis common sense ketika dibangun atas realita sosial dapat dibangun melalui penelitian yang sisitematis dan teoritis. Pada wilayah inilah (kepentingan praktis) etnometodologi hadir sebagai alat pengamatan pergerakan keseharian manusia untuk membangun pemahaman utuh atas fakta sosial yang tengah tertebar di masyarakat .</em></p> Ahmad Insya' Ansori ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-04-18 2019-04-18 7 2 115 127 Fikih Inklusif Dalam Konteks Multikulturalisme Sosial Keagamaan Masyarakat Indonesia (Studi Pemikiran KH. Abdul Qodir AF) <p>As a discourse that is often considered hegemonic in Islamic studies, Fiqh often contributes to the emergence of various perspectives, including exclusive perspectives. As a matter of fact, Fiqh which once offered an abundance of thoughts and perspectives is now often used as a tool of truth legitimacy (truth claim). That means the truth (piety) of a person is often attributed to how pious s/he is in applying Islamic laws. Furthermore, Fiqh which was initially nothing but merely a person's understanding of God's will, is often positioned as an ideology of which others must obey its truth. On the basis of this ideologization, certain understanding often legitimizes itself as the only understanding to generalize a truth or reality. Meanwhile, other understandings are considered to have no authority. Therefore, they must be rejected even though establishing only one religious understanding in the midst of a multicultural society like in Indonesia, is very prone to cause conflicts. Considering the case previously mentioned, establishing Fiqh from a figure who is inclusive and sensitive to multiculturalism becomes important for Muslims in Indonesia in order to have a variety of perspectives in social life and to be able to show the public that Islamic laws can be a social integration instead of a trigger for social disintegration.</p> Nilna Fauza ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-04-11 2019-04-11 7 2 94 114 Analisa Minat Orang Tua Dalam Pemberian Vaksin MR Setelah Putusan MUI (Studi di Kecamatan Metro Pusat Tahun 2018) <p>Vaccines or immunizations have become controversial. Various reasons are used by parents not to include their children when vaccines are carried out. One reason that is the basis is related to the content contained in the vaccine. Which makes the cause of the negative effects that occur due to the vaccine. In the city of Metro, especially in Metro Center Subdistrict, parents' interest in the MR Vaccine program prior to the MUI's decision was different. Many parents do not give MR vaccines for their children.</p> <p>In this study aims to explain the extent to which parents understand about MR vaccine. To analyze the interest of parents in the provision of MR Vaccines after the MUI's decision. This research is a type of field research. This research is descriptive qualitative, namely describing and describing the condition or an object then analyzing it. Sources of data in this study are the parents of children receiving MR Vaccines in Metro Pusat Subdistrict and also reference books that will complement the results of observations, interviews, and existing documentation.</p> <p>The results of this study are that parents' understanding of MR vaccines varies. There are parents who understand clearly there is also a lack of understanding. Whereas regarding the parents' interest in the MR Vaccine after the MUI's decision was that there were parents who stated that the decision had an effect, there were also parents who stated that the MUI's decision did not have a strong influence on its decision.</p> Ita Dwilestari Rakhmat Rakhmat ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-04-08 2019-04-08 7 2 70 84 Komodifikasi Agama Dan Simbol Keagamaan ‘Jilbab’ Di Media Online Dalam Persepsi Netizen <p><em>The purpose of this study is to provide information to the public about Islamic law in covering the aurat and revealing the commodification and obscurity of the meaning of religious symbols. This study uses a critical paradigm with the study of political communication. Commodification plays its role in giving influence and signs for Muslim fashion usage. Where religious symbols (headscarves) basically have a very meaningful religious value, even highly recommended in their use. In collecting data, this research uses virtual ethnographic analysis with objects of visual studies in good cyber media in the form of photo publications and social media views. The results showed that religious symbols (headscarves) had been commodified, obscured and even exploited as commodities to be traded. The development of using social media, causing religious symbols (headscarves) can be enjoyed so widely by the community. Where internet citizens or netizens can play a role as a controller or actor of information that is being discussed, that is controlling the thinking of a message, which will give birth to perceptions of the internet community or other netizens.</em></p> Farhan Farhan Faisul Islamiyah ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-03-24 2019-03-24 7 2 51 69 Generasi Muslim Milenial Sebagai Model Islam Wasaṭiyyah Zaman Now <p>This study study describes and analyzes the notion of <em>wasaṭiyyah</em> Islam, which explains the millennial generation of <em>wasaṭiyyah</em> Islam. Islamic <em>wasaṭiyyah</em> must be taken from the clerical explanation, so as not to trigger 'missunderstanding' and intolerant attitude that damages the image of Islam itself. This research belongs to library research. Data collection is done by quoting, adapting, and analyzing the representative literaries and relevant to the issues discussed, then reviewing and concluding them. The results of this study indicate that: 1) Through the process of literacy and teaching the true religion, millennial generations can be agents of change in syiar Islam <em>wasaṭiyyah</em>. Tolerant Islam, respect for diversity and a benevolent Islam for all people; 2) The nature, existence and urgency of Islam <em>wasaṭiyyah</em> is the generation of Islam ummatan wasatan interpreted as followers of religion that take the middle way or adherents of the principle of moderate, be a fair and balanced people in various things, both in terms of sharia and muamalah and can create harmony in life, because it can touch all aspects faced by humans, and offer the principles of unity by referring to the Qur'an as an open book, promoting justice, equality, tolerance, humanity, liberation and non-discrimination; 3) Phenomenology should not create a contradiction between a true and an incorrect religion. In a forced state, phenomenology can vigilantly distinguish pure and impure religiosity. There are two main perspectives of sociology that are often used as a basis in viewing religious phenomena in society, namely: functionalist perspective, and symbolic interactionism.</p> Musyafangah Musyafangah Bekti Taufiq Ari Nugroho Wildan Nur Hidayat ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-03-24 2019-03-24 7 2 32 50 Potensi Dan Eksistensi Kelembagaan Zakat, Infak, Dan Sedekah (Studi Eksploratif pada BAZNAS Kabupaten Jombang) <p>This study aims to explore the potential of zakat, infak, and alms (ZIA) and describe the institutional existence of the National Zakat Management Agency (popularly called BAZNAS) of Jombang Regency. To achieve this goal, the study used a qualitative field approach, expose facto, explorative, and descriptive analysis techniques Miles and Huberman. There are three points of conclusion. First, the potential of ZIA funds in Jombang is Rp. 561.943.512,- per month or Rp. 6,743,322,145,- per year. This amount comes from two agencies, namely the Regional Personnel Agency and the Ministry of Religious Jombang Regency. Potential ZIA funds can be explored further from 26 agencies and other companies in Jombang. Second, the existence of BAZNAS Jombang gets national juridical support in the form of legislation about zakat but not yet armed with Local Regulation of Zakat. Its role recently has been limited to internal coordination meetings, external consultations, unit for collecting zakat (UCZ) training, socialization of Zakat Law, and the collection of infak from Muslim government employees at the Government Office of Jombang Regency. Third, the supporting factors: (1) the normative basis of the Qur'an and the Hadith of the Prophet; (2) juridical foundation in the form of Zakat Law; (3) structural support; (4) operational fund guarantee; (5) organizational management system supported by the availability of building, space, and representative work facilities, and its human resources; (6) cooperation network with agencies and companies in accordance with the needs of ZIS fund raising program. Inhibiting factors: (1) there is no Zakat Regulation or other juridical provision for the collection of ZIS in Jombang Regency; (2) not yet available part of human resources needed according to requirement of distribution development; (3) there is no development of information media available to facilitate the communication of ZIS fund raising program; (4) not yet optimal management function and organizational management as the main strength of ZIS distribution programs. This research recommends the development of further research to be more intensive and optimal about the potential of ZIS fund, especially in BAZNAS of Jombang Regency and generally the Zakat Management Institutions (popularly called LAZ) in Jombang Regency.</p> Sokhi Huda M. Chamim Supaat Dimyati Dimyati M. Syai'in ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-03-24 2019-03-24 7 2 1 31 “Rumah Aman” (Lembaga Berbasis Moral dan Karakter), Fenomena Patologi Sosial Prostitusi Anak Dibawah Umur di Lokalisasi Guyangan Nganjuk <p>Nganjuk sebagai salah satu kota kecil di Jawa Timur ikut menghadapi berbagai permasalahan sosial yang begitu kompleks, termasuk problematika Eksploitasi Seks Komersial Anak (ESKA). Ketika didata oleh Dinas sosial, Diantara 24 orang yang yang diduga melakukan praktek prostitusi, 22 diantaranya adalah anak dibawah umur. Masih sekolah dan belum punya pekerjaan. Pendampingan ini bertujuan untuk Menguatkan peran berbagai pihak yang terlibat melalui program rumah aman untuk meminimalisir kegiatan prostitusi anak dibawah umur. Metode yang digunakan adalah PAR (<em>Participation Action Research</em>)<em>, </em>yaitu metoda penelitian dan pengembangan secara partisipasi yang mengakui hubungan sosial dan nilai realitas pengalaman, pikiran dan perasaan kita. Penelitian ini mencari sesuatu untuk menghubungkan proses penelitian ke dalam proses perubahan sosial. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa rumah aman, lembaga berbasis moral dan karakter) efektif untuk menanggulangi prostitusi anak dibawah umur.melalui hasil ini, diharapkan adanya keterlibatan berbagai pihak, seperti kepolisian, dinas sosial, dinas kesehatan, pemuka agama, aparat desa dan terutama pihak keluarga untuk salin bersinergi dalam menyelesaikan masalah sosial ini.</p> Muh Barid Nizarudin Wajdi ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-01-02 2019-01-02 7 2 78 93 Peran Penyuluh (Da’i) Dalam Pembangunan Ekologi: Upaya Pengendalian Terhadap Kerusakan Lingkungan Hidup <p><em>Environmental damage is a national issue at a time of global issues that become a very urgent problem that needs to be resolved given that the environment is part of the sustainability of human life in advance. Environmental degradation has an impact which is very crucial, namely drought, landslides, floods, coastal erosion, seawater intrusion, the uncertain climate change and others. The impact of the above will greatly affect the living conditions of the communities, either on the region's economic, social and cultural. Then the State has responsibility for rational and ethical responsibility to save the environment for sustainability of public life, including through the development of the role of the da'i as construction of extension officers in an attempt to damage control of the environment. This type of research is qualitative research using normative approaches. Its object is the extension officers of development of religion (Da'i) and ecological development. The methods used in this study is the study of librarianship.</em></p> Ari Rohmawati Habib Ismail ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-12-07 2018-12-07 7 2 58 77