Separatist Conflict In Indonesia The Long-Distance Politics Of The Acehnese Diaspora (Gambaran Tentang Konflik Sparatis di Indonesia; Politik Jarak Jauh Diaspora Aceh)

  • Abdul Haris Rasyidi STIT Palapa Nusantara Lombok NTB
Keywords: Politics, long distance, anticipated


This paper departs from a review and review of a book entitled "An overview of the conflict of separatists in Indonesia; the politics of the Aceh diaspora ". In this discussion, what needs to be addressed is the need to look deeply at the movements of the diaspora in supporting the movements and struggles of the Acehnese people. This fact, then illustrates that the aspirations in several countries such as Europe, Australia and Malaysia are actually involved in mobilizing international support during the struggle against the Indonesian security forces and then actively encouraging peaceful settlement. Given that networks of Acehnese diaspora communities abroad have been built solidly, it is interesting to explore more about their role in maintaining peace during the conflict. As we can follow in each chapter of this book, it appears that Antje Missbach has succeeded in doing her job well. This fact is then the right basis to lead us to a more comprehensive understanding of the transformation of the conflict in Aceh which lasted for approximately three decades and a peaceful settlement marked by the signing of the MOU in Helsinki on August 15, 2005. Furthermore, the method used in this paper is literature, especially in a book entitled "separatist conflict in Indonesia the long-distance politics of the acehnese diaspora". Finally, this paper is expected, can lead readers to understand that the need for social science research and of course the treasures of science.  


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