Al-Tahammul dan Al-Ada’ dalam Periwayatan Hadith

  • Nur Cholis STAI ALI BIN ABI THALIB Surabaya
Keywords: at-tahammul, ada', periwayatan hadits


This article will discuss about how the retrieval and delivery of h{adi<th called by al-tah}ammul and al-ada>’. H{adi>th of the Prophet Muhammad – S}allallahu ‘alaihi wa salla>m - is the second source of Islamic law after al Qur'a>n. Hence the scholars give considerable attention to the h}adi>th-h}adi>th of the Prophet Muh}ammad – S}allallahu ‘alaihi wa salla>m -. History has recorded travel and struggle of the clergy in collecting h}adi>th. In the history of big names known as al ima>m Ah}mad, al ima>m Al-Bukha>ri, And other expert h}adi>th. In collecting h{adi>th the expert of h{adi>th received h{adi>th from a shaykh then be delivered. This is called by al tah}ammul and al ada>’. al-Tah}ammul and al-ada>’ Have some kind of like these listening, reading and writing. each type has its own word. For example al tah}ammul by listening use word h}addaathana>, akhbarana>, and al tah}ammul by writing use word qara’tu ‘ala fulan, quria ‘alaihi wa ana> asma’u. Every kind of effect on the levels and truth of a h{adi>th.


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