Membentuk Keshalihan Remaja Dengan Pendidikan Agama

  • Siti Halimah Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Tarbiyah Persatuan Guru Republik Indonesia Pasuruan Indonesia
Keywords: education, islam, teenage beauty


In this global era, adolescents face a difficult and dilemma challenge. Globalization demands to keep abreast of trends that are not out of date. Sometimes teenagers like to do something that violates religious norms and rules if they are not equipped with sufficient religious knowledge, especially the social intercourse that is so sad when we see it, even some of them teenagers do not care about things that cause these deviations. Whereas education and religion give high respect to women, but they are not aware of that, therefore education, religion and parental support are very influential in improving the quality of a teenager's succession. Do not let because of the influence of glbal which gives the impression of slang and fashionable make teenagers fall into error and lose their shame and self-respect. a Muslim must also be total in practicing religion. Because without totality a person will feel uncertain and directed. Without the totality of religion only becomes an identifier and will lead to the path of perfect goodness. There is no power that can change and be enthusiastic in following the teachings of Islam other than 3 things, namely the treasure, the throne, women and therefore we should not be lulled by such sema in order to get the privilege of Allah SWT. Keywords : education, islam, teenage beauty


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