• Rokim Rokim


Acording to Hamks, akal is the basic human potential that is used for thinking. By thinking,human will get the higest of glory as Islam in the classical period. The decline of Muslims today because the Muslims themselves are less to think. In maximizing the power of thought the education process should be the main bridge. Understanding of akal education in a simple way in Hamka’s opinion is to increase the knowledge, in the process of learning the understanding of the akal is more lead to the transfer of the knowlage. By increasing the knowledge will create the akal budi, the health of akal able to distinguish good and bad also bring to a high level of knowledge. Akal budi has a very important role when it managed well and much thinking by research (muse) God's creatures. HAMKA  as the one of the scientist who strongly opposed the idea of ​​society that is very entrenched at that time is takhyul, takhyul will not bring the progress for Islam, therefore the akal education material must contain philosophical or rational that brings the learners to think deeply and able to think the nature phenomena as the God's creation.