• Reza Bakhtiar Ramadhan


Wearing a turban in the tradition of Muslims, especially in Indonesia are still having ketabuan. Where the use of a turban for muslim Indonesia there is still pengkotakan that is clearly visible. Turban is generally used by a person who is assessed to have authority and the high level of piety, such as Kiai, Ustadz and Trustee – in this case the Trustee Songo-who made the turban is a muslim fashion muslim Indonesia did everyone use it. Now new problems arise that cause anxiety for the author. Turban which was originally a muslim fashion that is very rarely used by most Muslims, now as though a turban has become a commonly used muslim fashion muslim societies. Either the Muslims is really a scientific bias has the capacity of being the authority or the Muslims who really lay in the matter of religion. Muslim fashion trend turban this is akna discussed in a brief paper (mini research), may be a useful contribution to the advancement of modern Islamic thought.