• Siti Romlah


Real experience in the field shows the impression that many teachers are still having difficulty in reviewing the curriculum, compiling syllabus, preparing lesson plans (analyzing learning materials, determining indicators, determining models, approaches, teaching methods, determining teaching aids and authentic assessment), compiling worksheets and tools proper evaluation. Collaboration between teachers is still very minimal and really needs to be improved. Teachers tend to overcome their own problems, lack the courage to collaborate and are reluctant to be observed especially if they want to open a class.Likewise, the condition of teachers in Islamic Education District Riyadlul Ulum Kidul Dalem Bangil, teachers especially Islamic Education Subjects and others were introduced to the Lesson Study program (LS). LS is an effort by a group of teachers to improve their professionalism through the assessment of collaborative learning processes in real classrooms. To implement LS the teachers plan the learning process, implement and finally reflect. Teachers who initially plan the learning process independently and tend to feel the most right and are reluctant to cooperate with fellow teachers now that attitude changes to cooperate with each other, help each other, and are willing to open themselves to want to observe and observe other teachers collaboratively