• Muhammad Sulaiman


Multicultural education is a process of development of all human potentials that respect plurality and heterogeneity as the consequence of the diversities of culture and ethnicity. Multicultural education emphasizes a philosophy of cultural pluralism in the education system that is based on the principles of equality, mutual respect and acceptance, understanding , and a moral commitment to a social justice. Multicultural education is actually an attitude of caring and willing to understand differences, or the politics of recognition of people from minority groups. Multicultural education looks at the society more widely. Based on the basic view that the attitude of indifference and non-recognition is not only rooted in the structure of racial inequality, but also in the paradigm of multicultural education that covers subjects of injustice, poverty, oppression and backwardness of minority groups in the areas of social, culture, economy, education and so forth. The pur pose of Islamic education is not limited to filling the minds of students with knowledge and subjects, but cleansing his soul to be filled with the morals and values of good and conditioned in such a way that they can live well. Theses are in accordance with the pur pose of multicultural education, i.e. to create a harmonious life in pluralistic society