• Ahmad Affandy


man who died and left the property, then his property to be inherited, In Islamic law. It should be in accordance with applicable law called the law of inheritance, there are several conditions that must be met and understood first, because it will affect the division of the estate. We will describes the Islamic inheritance law of the Islamic historiography, which includes a brief history of the Islamic inheritance, inheritance in the pre-Islamic heritage in the early days of Islam, as well as laying the basis of Islamic inheritance law. So prospects that can know the problems that exist within the Islamic inheritance, as reasons to accept the inheritance, hitch received an inheritance and rights before the distribution of inheritance. Then In this  discussion  the  development  of  inheritance  law was  stated,  from the time before colonialism  until the time of  independence.  In the  development  of  inheritance  law before the  colonial period,  the  empire  and the  sultanate applied inheritance  law as a living law in the community  as well as a  culture  of  Indonesian  law in its time. When the Dutch  East  Indies government arrived, Indonesia  had implemented Islamic religious  law, which then continued and recognized  its legal  authority,  Van den Berg  conceptualized Staatsblat  1882  Number  152 which  contained provisions for indigenous people  or  colonized people, religious  laws must be  applied  in his  environment.  Snouck  Hoergronje,  advis or to the Dutch  East  Indies Government, initiated  the receptie theory  of  Islamic  issues and domestic children  who  pro-posed  “Islam can apply if it has  been perceived  by  customary  law” , so adat is what  determines  the  existence  or  abs ence of  Islamic  law.  Furthermore,  at the time of  independence Indonesian Islamic  law  experts  tried to make Islamic  law  a national  law, with the effort of  national seminars  in the  formation  of law,  Islamic  law was  made  as one of the  sources  in addition  to  European  law and  Customary la w