Jurnal Ats-Tsaqofi https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi <p>Jurnal Ats-Tsaqofi : Jurnal Pendidikan dan Manajemen Islam diterbitkan oleh&nbsp;Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam At-Tahdzib Ngoro Jombang Indonesia</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>E-ISSN :&nbsp;2686-5289</p> <p>P-ISSN :&nbsp;2686-5270</p> en-US 123choirulanam@gmail.com (Choirul Anam) muhammadzamroji89@gmail.com (Muhammad Zamroji) Tue, 14 Feb 2023 08:02:35 +0000 OJS http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss 60 KOMPETENSI PEDAGOGIK PENDIDIK DALAM MENGEMBANGKAN KARAKTER RELIGIUS PESERTA DIDIK KELAS IV MADRASAH IBTIDAIYAH ISLAMIYAH NGORO JOMBANG https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/5215 <p><em>Konsep kompetensi pedagogik pendidik dalam mengembangkan karakter religius peserta didik yaitu di mulai dengan meningkatkan kemampuan pendidik terutama kemampuan pedagogik pendidik yang dilakukan oleh kepala Madrasah dengan melakukan kegiatan-kegiatan pembinaan secara rutin. Metode kompetensi pedagogik dalam mengembangkan karakter religius merupakan suatu cara dalam mengembangkan karakter peserta didik terutama karakter religius hal ini melalui melakukan pembiasaan-pembiasaan yang berbasis religius.Beberapa faktor pendukung dan penghambat kompetensi pedagogik pendidik dalam mengembangkan karakter religius peserta didik adalah kesingkronan dan tidak singkronnya pihak Madrasah dengan pihak yayasan, lembaga, bahkan dengan pihak wali dari peserta didik. Faktor- faktor ini adalah yang suatu hal menjadi penting akan terwujudnya berbagai harapan atau strategi yang akan berdampak pada perkembangan karakter religius peserta didik. </em></p> Muhammad Zamroji; Ainur Rofiqoh Copyright (c) 2022 Jurnal Ats-Tsaqofi https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/5215 Mon, 12 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +0000 INTERNALISASI NILAI-NILAI AGAMA ISLAM DALAM MENGEMBANGKAN BUDAYA RELIGIUS KELAS V.1 DI MADRASAH IBTIDAIYAH NEGERI (MIN) 4 JOMBANG https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/5214 <p><em>Internalization of Islamic religious values through madrasah religious culture to learners aims so that students are knowledgeable, can imagine and apply according to Islamic teachings, so that it becomes a good personality later, Islamic values that include aqidah, shari’ah and morals. Madrasah religious culture is the way or mindest of behaving all members of the madrassa based on the values of Islamic religious values. Madrasah religious culture plays a very important role, namely internalizing the value of Islamic religious values of learners in developing the religious culture of mdrasah ibtidaiyah negeri (MIN) 4 Jombang.</em></p> <p><em>The concept of internalization of Islamic values in madrasah ibtidaiyah negeri 4&nbsp; Jombang can create an alternative solutions to the internalization of Islamic values, in the form of madrasah religious culture. Contrasting Islamic values (ta’aruf, tolerance, please help, tasamuh, tawazun, family nature) and discipline in the form of outlook on life, behavior, attitude through uswatun hasanah or tauladan in religious culture in accordance with the vision and mission of madrasah ibtidaiyah negeri 4 Jombang. Internalization of Islamic values through the container of madrasah religious culture with the policy of madrasah leadership as a supportive factor and other supporters such as: places of worship, vast madrassa courtyards, loudspeakers.</em></p> Robi'ul Afif Nurul 'Aini, Muhammad Zamroji, Nilatit Tarabiyatul Wafiroh Copyright (c) 2022 Jurnal Ats-Tsaqofi https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/5214 Mon, 12 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +0000 STEPS TO WRITE GOOD RESEARCH: A SUMMARY FROM THE BOOK "AL-MURŞID FI KITABA AL-ABHAŚ" BY HELMY MOHAMED FOUDA https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/5203 <p>Writing research or reports are two necessary processes when studying, especially for university students. Most of these students had never managed to write research or reports, were not used to frequenting modern libraries, and were not used to using them. Some educational institutions used to hold seminars in which new students learn about ways to use the library and how to write research or reports. Helmy Muhammad Fouda believed that writing down the results of these seminars in one book is necessary to guide students to a proper way to carry out the process of using the library and how to write good research or reports.</p> <p>The aforementioned book consists of five chapters that talk about (1) the nature of research and reports; (2) the role of the library in writing them; (3) research sources; (4) disclosure of sources and methods of their use; And the last (5) writing the research. But this article concentrates on three issues only, which are (1) the nature of research and reports; (2) the role of the library; and (3) research writing.</p> Iis Makhisoh Copyright (c) 2022 Jurnal Ats-Tsaqofi https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/5203 Mon, 12 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +0000 FIQH LUGHOH GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/5219 <p>Fiqh al-lughah is one of the important materials in learning any language, because by studying it a learner can understand the origin of the language, its history and development. The discussion of fiqh al-lughah, in fact, has been widely studied by previous linguists and compiled in one essay, only a very few of them have studied it as a fan of its own knowledge and using a special theme. In addition, some linguists say that ilm al-lughah and philology were originally part of fiqh al-lughah, but with the development of the times and science linguists studied it as a separate study. Through the above background, the author is interested in studying more about fiqh al-lughah specifically and purposefully, with the title: Fiqh Al-Lughah Nasy'atuhu wa Tathawwuruhu. The author's study in this paper is about: Understanding of Fiqh Al-Lughah and Its Purpose, Differences between Fiqh Al-Lughah and Ilm Al-Lughah, Fiqh Al-Lughah in the Earlier Arabic Book and Fiqh Al-Lughah Today and Its Renewal. As for the results of writing this paper through a literature review that the author obtained, namely that: Fiqh Al-Lughah is one of the disciplines that examines the origin of language, its history and development from ancient times to the present in depth and detail, the difference between Fiqh Al-Lughah and Ilm Al-Lughah is that Fiqh Al-Lughah discusses language from the external side while Ilm Al-Lughah from its internal side, as for the fiqh method of Al-Lughah in the earlier books of Language, it started in a natural way not established by someone or someone else, while the discussion at this time was carried out with careful and in-depth study by linguists.</p> Hasan Abidin, Ibnu Mas'ud Luthfi Copyright (c) https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/5219 Mon, 12 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +0000 Manajemen Pelatihan Dakwah Untuk Meningkatkan Kualitas Dakwah Sholawat Wahidiyah Di Dewan Pimpinan Pusat Penyiar Sholawat Wahidiyah Ngoro Jombang Tahun 2022 https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4982 <p>This study aims to determine the planning, implementation and evaluation of da'wah training in improving the quality of sholawat wahidiyah da'wah in the Central Executive Board of Sholawat Wahidiyah Broadcasters Ngoro Jombang. The method used in this research is qualitative method. The subject of the research is everything related to the training activities of sholawat Wahidiyah Ngoro Jombang. Our data sources were obtained from the chairperson, deputy, secretary II of the Central Executive Board Assistant and the first chairman of the implementation of the caderization of da'i Wahidiyah as well as participants in the training of sholawat Wahidiyah. Data collection techniques using observation, documentation and interviews. The data analysis technique used a qualitative descriptive analysis technique. For the validity of the data using triangulation technique.</p> <p>The results of this study reveal that a series of da'wah training management processes, namely (1) Planning includes identifying the needs of training participants, determining training objectives, preparing training materials, selecting training participants, and scheduling training implementation times. (2) The Implementation includes: observing the appropriate training materials based on the abilities of the trainees, determining the training method, namely the marketing method (ice breaker) and brainstorming method, providing the facilities needed in the implementation of the da'wah training. (3) Evaluation of da'wah training in improving the quality of sholawat wahidiyah da'wah in the Central Executive Board of Wahidiyah sholawat broadcasters.</p> <p>Keywords: Da'wah Training Management, Sholawat Wahidiyah</p> Moh Ifan Fahmi Fahmi, Muhammad Habib Attatmimi Copyright (c) 2022 Jurnal Ats-Tsaqofi https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4982 Mon, 12 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +0000 CIRI-CIRI BAHASA ARAB YANG STANDART (KAJIAN POSITIVISME YANG TEPAT DAN ASAL USULNYA DALAM FILOLOGI) https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/5191 <p>الحمد لله رب العالمين الذي جعل اللغة العربية أفضل اللغات والصلاة والسلام على سيّدنا محمد سيّد السادات وعلى آله وصحبه إلى يوم الميعاد. كما عرف الباحث أن اللغة العربية أحسن اللغات السامية وأورقاها معنى وأعذبها لفظا وأخصبها وأعمها اشتقاقا، واللغة العربية تنقسم إلى قسمين وهما الفصحى والعامية، وهنا يبحث الباحث من خصائص اللغة الفصحى عن المناسبة الوضعية و النحت و الأصوات العربية وثبات أصولها. واعترف الباحث أن هذا البحث لم يصل إلى أقصى النتيجة لقلة علمها ومعرفتها عن خصائص اللغة العربية الفصحى. فترجو من القراء المخلصين أن يصوبوا ما في هذا البحث من الأخطاء والنقد المفيد لأجل التقدم في الأيام الآتية للوصول إلى الكمالة.</p> Dhoyfun Akbar Copyright (c) 2022 Jurnal Ats-Tsaqofi https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/5191 Wed, 22 Jun 2022 00:00:00 +0000 MANAJEMEN PESANTREN DALAM MENGEMBANGKAN ENTERPRENEUR BIDANG PERIKANAN DI PONDOK PESANTREN ATTAHDZIB https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4979 <p>Pondok Pesantren Attahdzib as one of the Islamic educational institutions seeks to open up global discourse that occurs in the community around Islamic boarding schools and the general public and various problems that arise among students after leaving the pesantren, such as the lack of creativity of students after graduation in the sense that students do not know what to do. This is done, so that it can be said that students are less capable in solving their life problems, for that the Attahdzib Islamic Boarding School integrates its education pattern through various levels and majors in formal schools and those outside formal schools, as well as various exercises and patterns of habituation to living independently attached to them. in the daily life of the students which leads to the provision of enterprenuers. Especially in businesses in the field of fisheries such as learning the hatchery period and then ready to stock up on large ponds. Even the Attahdzib Islamic Boarding School has several pond units ranging from hatcheries to enlargements as a vehicle for learning skills, besides that it is the only Islamic boarding school for the first time in East Java that is successful and successful in hatching pomfret so that it can encourage the enthusiasm of students to participate in the world. enterprenuership (enterprenuer). Through this activity, the enterprenuerial interest of the santri is raised, and then directed towards the development of the management of economic enterprises when the santri return to the community. With the aim of output not only mastering the field of religion or the hereafter, but how the output can also survive the life with the various skills it has.</p> Robi'ul Afif Nurul 'Aini Copyright (c) 2022 Jurnal Ats-Tsaqofi https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4979 Wed, 22 Jun 2022 00:00:00 +0000 PENGEMBANGAN LITERASI MEMBACA DALAM KURIKULUM PENDIDIKAN DASAR DI KELAS IV SDN NGASTEMI 1 KECAMATAN BANGSAL KABUPATEN MOJOKERTO https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4977 <p><em>Indonesia&nbsp; is entering the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 which requires its people to be more creative, skilled, and able to solve problems in everyday life. Therefore, it is very necessary for Human Resources who have the ability in the realm of atttudes, knowledge and skills. One of the efforts made through education is the development of reading literacy to became literat citizens, development is carried out on the educational curriculum and starting from elementary school level. The purpose of this study was&nbsp; to describe the development in reading literacy in the core competencies of attitudes, to describe the development of reading literacy in the core cognitive competencies and to describe the development in reading literacy in the core psychomotor competencies. the research method uses qualitative research approach with data collection methods in the form of observation, interviews and documentation. Sources of data used are primary data sources obtained directly from the field or research location, and secondary data sources that support and strengthen research results. Analysis technique with reduction of data collected according t the aspect of the problem so that it becomes data that is ready to be presented and verified and write conclusions. The results of the study indicate that the development of reading literacy can change attitudes in students, foster curiosity so that they are motivated to read in order to gain knowledge and be more creative in their work by following the development of science and technology in this era.</em></p> Muhammad Zamroji, Nurul Indahwati Copyright (c) 2022 Jurnal Ats-Tsaqofi https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4977 Wed, 22 Jun 2022 00:00:00 +0000 THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE APPLICATION OF THE FIELD TRIP METHOD IN LEARNING ARABIC LANGUAGE TO IMPROVE WRITING SKILLS FOR GRADE 8 AT MADRASAH TSANAWIYAH DARUL FAIZIN MOJOWARNO JOMBANG https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4959 <p>Abstract</p> <p>This study explains about "the effectiveness of the application of the Field Trip Method in Arabic Learning to Improve Writing Skills for Grade 8 at Madrasah Tsanawiyah Darul Faizin Mojowarno Jombang”. The choice of the title is based on the assumption that the FIELD TRIP method is a learning that involves the work of the left and right brain which will make learning for students light and fun because learning with this method is different from existing lessons, the learning is by inviting students towards an object outside the school that is not too far away to learn so that students do not experience boredom and stress in learning. By exposing the student to the real object, it is hoped that it can support the maharoh of the student's book.</p> <p>This research method in writing this scientific paper is qualitative and quantitative using the "t" test formulas to analyze the data, because this type of research is an experimental type of research. This study aims to determine the significance of differences in the level of achievement of students' maharoh kitabah before and after using the Field Trip method on 191 students consisting of 6 classes. While the sample used is simple random sampling, ie data collection is done because members of the population are considered homogeneous. The research sample was 39 students and data collection was done by observation, interviews, and tests.</p> <p>The results showed that there was a significant difference between the student's maharoh kitabah before and after using the Field Trip method, it can be seen from to stronger than tt 2.20 &lt; 5,625 &gt; 2.71. These results show that Ho is rejected and Ha is accepted.</p> <p>As a closing of the abstraction of this scientific work, the author suggests to Arabic language teachers to always develop their creativity to maximize the achievement of the objectives of the teaching and learning process.</p> <p>Keywords: Field Trip Method, Writing Skills</p> HASAN ABIDIN Copyright (c) 2022 Jurnal Ats-Tsaqofi https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4959 Wed, 22 Jun 2022 00:00:00 +0000 TUJUH BELAS AKHLAQ PENDIDIK DALAM PENDIDIKAN ISLAM https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4807 <p>Abstract: The seventeen morals of educators in Islamic education are as follows: 1. Accept questions posed by students and be patient with them. 2. Not in a hurry in all matters. 3. Sit with dignity with calm and bow your head. 4. Do not be arrogant to all humans. 5. Prioritizing tawadu' in meeting places and majlis. 6. Not playing and joking. 7. Show affection to students when teaching. 8. Improve stubborn students with good guidance. 9. Do not scold students who are stubborn and do not insinuate them. 10. Not arrogant, not shy and not ashamed to say: "I don't know" or say "wallahu a'lam", if the problem is unclear or unknown. 11. Focus on the questioner and understand the question to answer the problem. 12. Accept the right arguments and listen to them. 13. Submit to the truth by returning to it when guilty. 14. Prohibit students from studying dangerous knowledge. 15. Forbid students from expecting anything other than the pleasure of Allah and the hereafter with useful knowledge. 16. Prevent students from busying themselves with fardhu kifayah before busying themselves with fardhu ain. 17. Prioritizing improving yourself before telling others to do good.</p> <p>Keywords: Seventeen, Akhlaq, Educator</p> Yazidul Busthomi Copyright (c) 2022 Jurnal Ats-Tsaqofi https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4807 Fri, 27 May 2022 00:00:00 +0000 INFLUENCE THE APPLICATION OF THE PARAGRAPH BUILDING METHOD IN ARABIC LANGUAGE LEARNING TO INCREASE THE WRITING SKILL AT MADRASAH ALIYAH DARUL FAIZIN CATAK GAYAM – MOJOWARNO - JOMBANG https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4759 <p>Abstract</p> <p>This journal explains about " The Effect of Application of <em>Paragraph Building Method </em>in Arabic Language Learning to Increase <em>Writing Skills </em>at Madrasah Aliyah Darul Faizin Catak Gayam – Mojowarno - Jombang ". The choice of the title is based on the assumption that the <em>Paragraph Building method </em>is a learning method that prioritizes students' ideas, thus requiring students to be more creative in developing their ideas and putting them into writing or sentences. Because learning with this method is different from existing lessons, by exposing students to interesting themes, it is hoped that it can support students <em>&nbsp;Writing Skills</em>.</p> <p>The author takes two problem formulations to be studied, namely, how to apply the <em>Paragraph Building method </em>for class X students of Madrasah Aliyah Darul Faizin Catak Gayam Mojowarno Jombang, and the second formulation is how the effect of applying the Paragraph Building method to class X students at Madarasah Aliyah Darul Faizin.</p> <p>Research methods in writing this scientific work are quantitative research using the "t" test formula to analyze the data, because this type of research is an experimental type of research. This study aims to determine the significance of differences in the achievement level of students <em>' Writing Skills </em>before and after using the <em>Paragraph Building method </em>on 75 students consisting of 2 classes. While the sample used was random sampling technique, the research sample was 36 students who were divided into two classes, namely the control class and the trial class. And data collection is done by observation, interviews, questionnaires and tests.</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Then the results obtained are that the <em>Paragraph Building method </em>has an effect on the <em>Writing Skills</em> of class X Madrasah Aliyah Darul Faizin students, with the details of the trial class the average score is 6.63 (initial test) and 7.91 (posttest), while the control mean scores were 6.38 (initial test) and 6.94 (post test). Thus there is an effect because between the two there is a difference of 0.97.</p> <p>Keywords: Paragraph Building method, arabic learning</p> HASAN ABIDIN Copyright (c) 2022 Jurnal Ats-Tsaqofi https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4759 Sat, 19 Mar 2022 00:00:00 +0000 TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP CHARACTERISTICS https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4652 <p>Kepemimpinan transformasional merupakan Model kepemimpinan yang menekankan pentingnya sistem nilai untuk meningkatkan&nbsp; kesadaran pengikut tentang masalah-masalah etis, memobilisasi energy dan sumber daya untuk mereformasi institusi. Pemimpin yang transformasional mampu menggerakkan pengikut untuk terlibat aktif dalam proses perubahan.Oleh karena itu pemimpin transformasional biasanya memiliki kepribadian yang kuat sehingga mampu membangun ikatan emoisional pengikut untuk mewujudkan tujuan ideal institusi. Pemimpin transformasional&nbsp; membangun loyalitas dan ikatan emosional pengikut atas dasar kepentingan dan sistem nilai ideal yang diyakini strategis untuk kepentingan jangka panjang. Ciri pemimpin transformasional antara lain :&nbsp; Mampu mendorong pengikut untuk menyadari pentingnya hasil pekerjaan, Mendorong pengikut untuk lebih mendahulukan kepentingan tim/organisasi, Mendorong untuk mencapai kebutuhan yang lebih tinggi dan Proses untuk membangun komitmen bersama terhadap sasaran organisasi dan &nbsp;memberikan kepercayaan kepada pengikut untuk mencapai sasaran. Selain itu Perilaku pemimpin transformasional diantaranya : Pengaruh ideal Dalam hal ini pemimpin membangkitkan&nbsp; emosi dan identifikasi yang kuat terhadap visi organisasi, Stimulasi Intelektual yakni Upaya pemimpin untuk meningkatkan&nbsp; kesadaran terhadap permasalahan organisasional dengan sudut pandang yang baru dan Pertimbangan individual Yakni Bentuk perhatian, dukungan dan pengembangan bagi pengikut. Berkaitan dengan Implemetasi dari Karakter kepemimpinan transformasional diantaranya Membantu para anggota staf untuk mengembangkan dan memelihara budaya kerjasama(kolaborasi), Budaya professional dan&nbsp; Membantu mempercepat pengembangan dan membantu para tenaga pendidik untuk memecahkan masalah lebih efektif. Pemikiran ini menjadi sangat penting jika kita melihat fakta rendahnya kualitas pendidikan yang berdampak langsung pada kualitas SDM di Indonesia selama ini.</p> Robi'ul Afif Nurul 'Aini, Muhammad Zamroji Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Ats-Tsaqofi https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4652 Mon, 20 Dec 2021 00:00:00 +0000 MANAJEMEN KURIKULUM DALAM MENGEMBANGKAN BUDAYA LITERASI PESERTA DIDIK (STUDI KASUS DI MAN 5 JOMBANG TAHUN AJARAN 2021/2022) https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/5193 <p>Manajemen kurikulum merupakan hal yang signifikan dalam menentukan keberhasilan dalam pelaksanaan pendidikan. Selain itu, manajemen kurikulum mempunyai peran penting dalam upaya untuk mencapai tujuan pembelajaran yang efektif dan efesien mengingat fakta bahwa pada dasarnya madrasah adalah kerangka kerja yang mencakup berbagai bagian dan berbagai latihan yang harus dikelola dengan sebaik mungkin. Maka peneliti berinisiatif untuk mengadakan penelitian dengan fokus: Manajemen kurikulum dalam mengembangkan budaya literasi peserta didik di MAN 5 Jombang, yang meliputi: 1) Konsep manajemen kurikulum dalam mengembangkan budaya literasi peserta didik; 2) Strategi manajemen kurikulum dalam mengembangkan budaya literasi peserta didik; 3) faktor pendukung dan penghambat dalam mengembangkan budaya literasi peserta didik.</p> <p>Jenis penelitian yang digunakan adalah penelitian deskriptif kualitatif dengan pendekatan kualitatif. Teknik pengumpulan data melalui wawancara, observasi, dan dokumentasi melalui sumber data manusia dan nonmanusia. Analisis dilakukan selama pengumpulan data dan sesudah seluruh data terkumpul. Uji keabsahan data dilakukan dengan standar kredibilitas.</p> <p>Hasil dari penelitian ini menunjukkan bahwa: 1) Konsep manajemen kurikulum dalam mengembangkan budaya literasi peserta didik di MAN 5 Jombang dikemas dengan program baca, nulis, dan budaya. 2) Strategi manajemen kurikulum yang dilakukan MAN 5 Jombang dalam mengembangkan budaya literasi peserta didik telah dilaksanakan dengan baik melalui pembiasaan membaca dan memberikan pelatihan kemandirian 3) Faktor pendukung budaya literasi meliputi: Dicetuskannya MAN 5 Jombang sebagai madrasah literasi, dukungan penuh dari kepala madrasah, pembina literasi yang mumpuni, minat siswa yang tinggi, dan terdapat banyak guru bahasa. Faktor penghambat meliputi: Minimnya dana yang tersedia, minimnya sarana pendukung seperti tempat, internet, dan computer, dan kurangnya pembaharuan buku-buku diperpustakaan.</p> Moh. Ifan Fahmi, Syaiful Alim, Umar Hadi Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Ats-Tsaqofi https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/5193 Tue, 07 Dec 2021 00:00:00 +0000 Ulul Albab Perspektif Al-Qur'an (Kajian Maudlu'iy dan Integrasi Agama Dan Sains) https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4405 <p>Thematic discussion about ulul albab in the Qur'an is always interesting to do because it reminds Muslims of the importance of this ulul albab figure. Because this ulul albab figure who became the world has developed in a balanced way between knowledge and worship with the concepts of <em>tafa</em><em>k</em><em>kur</em> and <em>tasyakkur</em>. To study more deeply, the Ulul Albab study in this study was carried out using the maudhu'iy method by collecting thematic verses scattered in various letters to become more focused and systematic. The technique used is to describe thematic poems about ulul albab plus the qoul ulema of tafsir who are concerned in this study and the thoughts of Ian G Barbour in terms of the integration of religion and science. The results of the literature research conducted are that three activities, concepts, and characteristics must exist in the figure of ulul albab. Namely, main activity (main activity), object activity (activity object), and strategy of action (strategy). These three aspects must be realized in the person of Ulul Albab as a form of personal manifestation who can reflect deeply on natural and social phenomena, which encourages him to develop knowledge, based on total submission to the greatness of God, in this case, the Ulul Albab person must integrate dhikr, thought, good deeds and knowledge. Ian G Barbour stated that there is a need for a systematic synthesis in integrating religion and science in this integration process.</p> Dwi Hidayatul Firdaus Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Ats-Tsaqofi https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4405 Wed, 23 Jun 2021 00:39:21 +0000 Efektifitas Penerapan Metode Team Assisted Individualization (TAI) Dalam Meningkatkan Pemahaman Bacaan Di Madrasah Diniyah Ulul Albab Blaru Badas Kediri https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4404 <p>Dalam mengajar bahasa khususnya bahasa Arab, hendakanya guru menggunakan metode pengajaran yang sesuai dengan materi pengajaran dan kemampuan siswa agar proses belajar mengajar belajar dapat berjalan efektif, efesien dan menyenangkan.</p> <p>Metode <em>Team Assisted Individualization </em>(TAI) merupakan salah satu tipe dari pembelajaran kooperatif, yaitu pengajaran individual dibantu oleh kelompok. Melalui metode tersebut, guru dapat mengarahkan siswa pada kerjasama kelompok yang bersifat heterogen untuk menyelesaikan tugas kelompok yang sudah disiapkan oleh guru dan selanjutnya diikuti dengan pemberian bantuan secara individu bagi siswa yang memerlukannya.</p> <p>Oleh karena itu, penulis mengajukan judul tersebut untuk mengetahui beberapa persoalan yang penulis kaji dalam skripsi ini, yaitu : Bagaimana penerapan metode TAI dalam meningkatkan pemahaman bacaan Di Madrasah Diniyah Ulul Albab Blaru Badas Kediri, Bagaimana kemampuan bacaan siswa dan bagaimana efektifitas penerapan metode TAI dalam meningkatkan pemahaman bacaan Di Madrasah Diniyah Ulul Albab Blaru Badas Kediri</p> <p>Untuk mengidentifikasi permasalahan tersebut secara mendalam dan menyeluruh, penelitian ini menggunakan metode deskriptif-kuantitatif. Selanjutnya untuk memperoleh data yang di inginkan penulis menggunakan metode observasi, wawancara, dokumentasi dan tes uji coba sebelum dan sesudah pembelajaran berlangsung. Adapun jenis penelitian ini merupakan penelitian uji coba (<em>eksperiemen</em>), yaitu dengan memberikan pretest-posttest sebelum dan sesudah perlakuan (<em>treatment</em>) di berikan.</p> <p>Hasil penelitian ini adalah, penulis menemukan bahwa : Penerapan metode <em>Team Assisted Individualization </em>(TAI) dalam meningkatkan pemahaman bacaan Di Madrasah Diniyah Ulul Albab Blaru Badas Kediri tergolong baik karena disamping guru menggunakan metode yang variatif dalam mengajar, di sekolah juga terdapat sarana pembelajaran seperti Lab Bahasa, Televisi, Perpustakaan dan lain-lain. Adapun kemampuan bacaan siswa Di Madrasah Diniyah Ulul Albab Blaru Badas Kediri berbeda-beda, yaitu sebagaian dari mareka ada yang mahir dan ada juga yang lambat dalam memahi materi yang di berikan oleh guru. Sedangkan penggunaan metode <em>Team Assisted Individualization </em>(TAI) dalam meningkatkan pemahaman bacaan tergolong efektif, hal tersebut dapat dilihat dari hasil pretest-posttest yaitu 233-286 dan dari hasil analisa data melalui rumus uji t yaitu 9,71, hasil tersebut menunjukkan adanya perubahan yang signifikan antara sebelum dan sesudah diberikan perlakuan.</p> Ibnu Mas'ud Luthfi Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Ats-Tsaqofi https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4404 Tue, 22 Jun 2021 03:26:16 +0000 Theoretical Study of the Division of Semitic Language Dialects: The Types and functions in society https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4393 <p>Since the late nineteenth century the concept of language has changed its nature, function and study. This change has brought about successive efforts made by Western scholars to study most of the world’s languages, descriptions, history and comparisons. As a result of these efforts in the linguistic field, the study of language became a science.Linguistics in its simplest definition is the study of language in a scientific way. This definition means that linguistic studies are objective and not subjective impressionism. And language has evolved over time, and some of its elements have changed as it spread due to internal or external causes. The language branched into dialects and languages ​​until linguistic factions arose in the world. And the language developed both phonetically and as a sign. This research speaks of the branching of languages ​​into dialects and then the formation of those dialects themselves with their types.There are languages that spread in large areas and in some case have become the language of the state. While languages do not spread and are used by only a few people.the reasons for the spread of languages into many types are (1) the clash of language in conflict with another language or languages, (2) the movement of members of the people, and (3) the availability of a group of reasons favorable to natural growth. Or in the opinion of the latest political, psychological, geographic, popular or physiological factors.</p> Iis Makhisoh, Abdur Rouf Hasbullah Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Ats-Tsaqofi https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4393 Tue, 22 Jun 2021 03:13:04 +0000 Peran Amaliyah Tadris Dalam Menumbuh-Kembangkan Potensi Santri Menjadi Ustadz https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4392 <p>Guru sebagai tenaga pendidik harus memahami hal-hal yang bersifat teknis terutama kegiatan mengelola dan melaksanakan interaksi belajar mengajar. Maka kompetensi yang harus dimiliki oleh setiap calon guru salah satunya adalah kemampuan melaksanakan program pengajaran yang merupakan salah satu kriteria keberhasilan kependidikan prajabatan guru. Dan pada dasarnya santri/siswa Madrasah Aliyah “Wali Aminah” sedikit banyak telah mengetahui tentang pendidikan dan pengajaran serta pengalaman-pengalaman mengajar baik di sekolah maupun di luar sekolah.</p> <p><em>Amaliyah</em> <em>tadris</em> yang ada di Madrasah Aliyah “Wali Aminah” ini sangat membantu bagi calon guru untuk lebih mendalami tentang strategi, metode dan langkah-langkah mengajar. Dengan praktek mengajar atau <em>amaliyah</em> <em>tadris</em> siswa/ santri dapat menyumbangkan dan mengembangkan ilmunya sesuai dengan profesi yang dimilikinya. Maka bagi calon guru yang melaksanakan praktek mengajar atau <em>amaliyah</em> <em>tadris</em> harus benar-benar dihayati secara baik dalam rangka menyumbangkan dan mengembangkan ilmu pengetahuan</p> M. Luthfi Afif Al Azhari Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Ats-Tsaqofi https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4392 Tue, 22 Jun 2021 03:01:23 +0000 Strategi Pemasaran Madrasah Tsanawiyah Negeri 17 Jombang https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4203 <p>Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui &nbsp;strategi pemasaran di Madrasah Tsanawiyah Negeri 17 Jombang, serta faktor apa saja yang menjadi penghambat dan pendukung terlaksananya Strategi Pemasaran di Madrasah Tsanawiyah Negeri 17 Jombang. Penelitian ini merupakan penelitian studi kasus dengan menggunakan metode kualitatif yang bersifat deskriptif. Objek penelitiannya adalah segala sesuatu yang berhubungan dengan strategi pemasaran di Madrasah Tsanawiyah Negeri 17 Jombang. Sumber data kami dapat dari kepala sekolah, wakil kepala sekolah, wali kelas, guru bidang studi, humas, staff dan murid. Teknik pengumpulan data menggunakan teknik wawancara dan observasi. Teknik analisis datanya menggunakan teknik analisis deskriptif kualitatif. Sedangkan untuk pengujian keabsahan data kami menggunakan teknik trianggulasi.</p> <p>Adapun hasil penelitian ini menjelaskan bahwa (1) Strategi pemasaran di Madrasah Tsanawiyah Negeri 17 Jombang, tidak lepas dari 7 komponen penting yang saling mendukung yaitu: Segmentasi pasar, Harga, kualitas, Lokasi Madrasah, promosi, distribusi dan sarana prasarana Madrasah yang memadai (2) Strategi pelaksanaan pemasaran MTSN 17 Jombang (3) Strategi penilaian pemasaran (4) Faktor pendukung dan penghambat pelaksanaan pemasaran di Madrasah Tsanawiyah Negeri 17 Jombang.</p> Moh. Ifan Fahmi Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Ats-Tsaqofi https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4203 Tue, 22 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0000 Marketing Of Islamic Education Institutions Of Services https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4390 <p>The development of technology in the era of industrial relovation 4.0 brings convenience and shifts in various things, one of which is that educational institutions are required to be able to compete properly in meeting or even exceeding the wants and needs of society as users of educational services by making continuous improvements in all aspects of education to improve quality and quality of education.</p> <p>Educational institutions are understood as a production organization that produces educational services purchased by consumers. Products in the context of madrasah education services are services offered to customers in the form of reputation, prospects, and a variety of choices. Marketing of educational services is a strategy to improve the quality of education which is the most important element for the quality and progress of the level of education in an educational institution.</p> <p>Educational institutions that are able to survive and be able to win the competition for educational services are institutions that can offer a reputation, prospects, good quality education, and bright opportunities for students to make the choices they want. Marketing, which is used specifically in schools, is the analysis, planning, implementation and control of carefully formulated programs designed to generate voluntary exchange of values ​​with the target market / target market for educational services to achieve school goals.</p> Robi'ul Afif Nurul 'Aini Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Ats-Tsaqofi https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4390 Tue, 22 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0000 Leadership And Managerialship https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4389 <p><em>Management is an activity that uses other people in achieving a goal. The success of an organization depends on several factors including leadership in the organization. The function of the leader / manager is to provide motivation to all existing members in the organization, thus it can be expected that all members of the organization can perform their duties properly so that organizational goals can be achieved. In management, humans are those who carry out what is called: planning, organizing, staffing, budgeting, acuating, monitoring, and corecting. Another important factor in leadership must be realized that leadership is a set of moral qualities, intellectual qualities, and human knowledge of a person, which gives a possibility to move other people to carry out the tasks assigned. Thus management and leadership are an inseparable element. good and successful leadership will make the management process run smoothly without significant obstacles.</em></p> Muhammad Zamroji Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Ats-Tsaqofi https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4389 Tue, 22 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0000 Analisis Literasi Membaca untuk Membangun Ilmu Pengetahuan Peserta Didik Usia Sekolah Dasar dalam Perspektif Islam https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4155 <p>Anak berhak mendapat pendidikan yang terbaik, karena apa yang ia lakukan bisa jadi dampak dari apa yang anak terima, apalagi jika ia mendapatkan imbas yang berulang ulang setiap hari dan tanpa sempat disadari menjadi kepribadian yang melekat pada dirinya. Literasi membaca berkaitan dengan kompetensi dasar yang harus dikuasai peserta didik agar mereka dapat mengikuti seluruh proses pembelajaran dengan baik. Dengan literasi membaca diharapkan peserta didik memperoleh berbagai informasi yang sesuai untuk menambah pengetahuan mereka.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>Sudut pandang &nbsp;Islam dalam proses penggalian ilmu pengetahuan, dan merujuk pada al-Qur’an dan as-Sunnah, kita akan meemukan betapa Islam memeberikan perhatian yang sangat besar terhadap pengembangan IPTEK. Pada dasarnya kebenaran yang mutlak itu hanya satu, yaitu kebenaran Yang Maha Benar. Antara ilmu pengetahuan dan agama sama-sama menggali ayat-ayat Tuhan. &nbsp;Namun, kurangnya keterampilan&nbsp; membaca dapat menghambat proses belajar sesui dengan prinsip Islam sendiri. Dalam Islam pengetahuan mengajarkan kepada pemeluknya untuk selalu giat mencari ilmu pengetahuan. Kemampuan membaca tidak bisa diperoleh secara instan. Semakin sering kegiatan membaca dilakukan maka semakin baik pula kemampuan membacanya.</p> <p>Tujuan utama pembahasan ini adalah sebagai salah satu bahan pertimbangan unttuk menyelesaikan problema pendidikan terkait dengan pembentukan ilmua penegetahuan anak usia sekolah dasa melalui literasi membca yang ditelaah dari sudut pandang Islam. Dengan adanya analisis ini diharapkan bagi semua penggerak poros pendidikan untuk memaami betapa pentingnya literasi membaca untuk menuntun generasi muda memperkaya aspek intelektual dan spiritual.</p> <p>Literasi membaca tidak hanya berkaitan dengan kemampuan untuk membangun makna dari berbagai teks, tetapi juga berkenaan dengan sikap yang mendukung kegiatan membaca agar kegiatan itu dapat meewujudkan setiap pribadi untuk mengembanggkan potensinya dalam kehidupan masyarakat yang literat dan terpelajar. Objek atau sasaran dari kegiatan membaca ini dapat berupa teks tertulis seperti ayat-ayat al-Qur’an dan teks-teks tertulis lainnya maupun teks tidak tertulis yang berupa alam sekitar atau disebut ayat-ayat kauniyah yang merupakan sumber ilmu pengetahuan</p> <p>Hasil dari analisis tersebut penulis dapat menyimpulkan bahwa (1) perluanya pembiasan untuk menanamkan literasi membaca kepada anak sejak usia sekoah,&nbsp; (2) Peserta didik pada tingkat sekolah dasar harus dapat memanfaatkan membaca bukan hanya untuk belajar tetapi juga dapat membangun makna. (3) Pandangan Islam terkait ilmu pengetahuan yaitu usaha memenuhi keperluan spiritual dan meraih kebahagiaan dalam kehidupannya. Prinsip itulah yang harus ditekankan sejak dini melalui literasi membaca.</p> Balqis Fauzatul Rohmah Copyright (c) 2020 Jurnal Ats-Tsaqofi https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4155 Thu, 03 Dec 2020 05:50:11 +0000 PENGARUH PENDIDIKAN, PELATIHAN, DAN PENGEMBANGAN KARIER TERHADAP KINERJA GURU PADA SEKOLAH MENENGAH ATAS AL FALAH SUMBER GAYAM KADUR PAMEKASAN MADURA https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4546 <p>This study aims to determine "The Influence of Education, Training and Career Development on Teacher Performance at Al-Falah Secondary School Sumber Gayam Kadur Pamekasan Madura". windows 17.00. The population in this study were teachers at Al Falah Senior High School, Sumber Gayam Kadur Pamekasan. A total of 21 respondents, because of the available population of 21 teachers as respondents, all of the population was at once a member of the sample, and henceforth this study was called population research. The results of the study Based on the results of the questionnaire/questionnaire to 21 respondents, the following multiple linear regression equation was obtained:</p> <p>Y = 0.139 + 0.358 X1 + 0.154 X2 + 0.699 X3 From the regression equation it can be explained that X1 Education, X2 Training, and X3 Development have an influence on teacher performance at&nbsp; High School Of High School Al Falah Sumber Gayam Kadur Pamekasan (Y). Simultaneous hypothesis testing (F test) shows F_count 12.63 &gt; F_table 3.07 which means that the independent variables are education X1, Training X2, and career development X3, together (simultaneously) have a significant effect on the dependent variable (Y), namely teacher performance. at High School Of High School Sumber Gayam Kadur Pamekasan. Partial hypothesis test (t test) shows education X1, obtained t¬_ count, 1.995 &gt; t, table 0.686. X2 training obtained t_count 0.857 &gt; t_table 0.686. The influence of career X3 is obtained t_count 5.175 &gt; t, table 0.686, which means that career development X3 is the most dominant in influencing teacher performance (Y) compared to other independent variables (X1, X2) at High School Of High School Al-Falah Sumber Gayam Kadur Pamekasan Madura.</p> mohammad khairul Umam Copyright (c) 2020 Jurnal Ats-Tsaqofi https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4546 Tue, 01 Dec 2020 00:00:00 +0000 ARABIC VOCABULARY TEACHING MATERIALS’ DEVELOPMENT FOR KINDERGARTEN CHILDREN https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4307 <p>Pengajaran bahasa Arab membutuhkan cara yang dapat memudahkan siswa memahami dan menguasai materi. Oleh karena itu, perlu adanya strategi pembelajaran yang mendorong siswa untuk belajar bahasa Arab. Salah satu cara untuk meningkatkan minat siswa dalam belajar adalah dengan metode interaktif. Tujuan dari penelitian ilmiah ini adalah mengembangkan materi kosakata bahasa Arab untuk anak TK. Penelitian ilmiah ini mengembangkan materi kosakata bahasa Arab untuk Taman Kanak-kanak. Tempat penelitian berada di Taman Kanak-kanak “Perwanida”. Metode penelitian ini diawali dengan investigasi tentang kebutuhan bahan ajar bahasa Arab di Taman Kanak-kanak “Perwanida”, dan setelah itu terciptanya bahan ajar berbentuk media audio visual Pada bagian akhir penelitian ilmiah ini, dihasilkan materi audio vusial yang dapat dipergunakan untuk mengenalkan bahasa Arab pada tahap taman kanak-kanak.</p> Iis Makhisoh, Nur Lathifah Copyright (c) 2020 Jurnal Ats-Tsaqofi https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4307 Tue, 01 Dec 2020 00:00:00 +0000 Manajemen Pendidikan Islam Pada Lembaga Pendidikan Islam https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4156 <p>Pendidikan Islam adalah pemikiran dasar tentang &nbsp;pendidikan secara umum yang diimbui nuansa dan pemikiran islami. Sistem yang komprehensif adalah ciri utama pendidikan Islam. Sebuah sistem yang struktural akan mengantarkan pola pendidikan Islam yang ideal. Berbicara mengenai sistem, segala aspek yang dilaksanakan oleh pelaksana akan dapat berjalan sistematis apabila mendapat kontrol dari pemimpinnya. Untuk itu, peran pemimpin dalam menjalankan sebuah organisasi sangat penting. Mengingat fungsi dan peranannya, kepemimpinan Islam hendaknya dapat mewarnai pendidikan Islam itu sendiri sehingga tujuan pendidikan Islam akan tercapai secara optimal.</p> Mas'ud Mas'ud Copyright (c) 2020 Jurnal Ats-Tsaqofi https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4156 Fri, 27 Nov 2020 14:11:19 +0000 The Role of Islamic Religious Education In Shaping Student Muslim Personality https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4153 <p>Humans as caliphs on this earth need to place themselves along their nature. Al-Quran is a source of direction, how a Muslim chooses the method of movement according to the will of Allah SWT. He knows better what good people need to fulfill their desires, namely the safety and welfare of their lives in this world and the hereafter. In order to achieve that, Allah SWT sent down commands and prohibitions in various forms for humans which are stated in the Qur'an explicitly and implicitly. All forms of prohibitions and orders are measured in such a way that they are all in accordance with the human capabilities themselves. Since the beginning, Islamic religious education is an effort to grow and strengthen the tendency of tawhid which has become human nature. Religion is a guide and guide in the right direction.</p> <p>Because the human personality includes three aspects, namely the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects, it will be something very important for human life if it is based on the basis of religion. Therefore, religious education plays a very important role in shaping a person's personality, especially Muslim personality, the more so religious education is given intensively and continuously. Because basically having a good personality is everyone's dream. Because with that, he will be respected, respected and loved by those around him.</p> Syaiful Alim Copyright (c) 2020 Jurnal Ats-Tsaqofi https://ejournal.kopertais4.or.id/mataraman/index.php/tsaqofi/article/view/4153 Fri, 27 Nov 2020 00:00:00 +0000