Analisis Kesesuaian Materi dengan Tujuan Pembelajaran pada Buku Siswa Pendidikan Agama Islam dan Budi Pekerti SD Kelas I dalam Kurikulum 2013

  • Binti Wasi’atul Ilmi STIT al Urwatul Wutsqo


Textbooks of educational practice In Indonesia are the most dominant and central source of learning. This article examines the conformity of material in the textbooks with the learning objective of teacher handbook version of the 2013 curriculum entitled Pendidikan Agama Islam dan Budi Pekerti SD Kelas I. This article is a library research using descriptive approach, data collection techniques was done by identification of student books, then the data was  analyzed using descriptive-qualitative analysis technique. The result of the study concludes that the conformity of the material with the learning objectives from lessons 1 to 11 is consistent, from the 32 sub themes, 9 of which are partially fulfilled due to the lack of material meet in achieving the learning objectives. The researcher suggested to improve the next book of students, especially in terms of material development and the addition of prophets’ stories.