Ulul Albab Perspektif Pendidikan Islam dalam QS.Ali Imran: 190-191dan QS. Al-Zumar: 9

  • Ali Mustofa STIT al Urwatul Wutsqo


This article discusses the concept of Islamic education and ulul albab in the Qur’an of Ali Imran verse of 190-191 and Al-Zumar vere of  9. The first verse has the sharpness of analysis, spiritual sensitivity, physical-spiritual balance, social individual and world-afterlife balance, usefulness for humanity, pioneer in social transformation, personality and responsibility. The concept of ulul albab in Al-Zumar of 9 emphasizes to human being who have existence of self as a servant, high obedience to Allah SWT, they are not arrogant, perseverance in worship and have high spiritual sensitivity. The equality of the concept in both verses is having a similar mission, they are the formation of a whole personality, or insan kamil (perfect). The difference between the Islamic education concepts in both verses is Ali Imran verse of 190-191 more pointed on Intelligence of Quotient, while Al-Zumar verse of 9 emphasizes more on Spiritual Quotient.