Pendidikan Islam Di Indonesia: Problem Masa Kini Dan Perspektif Masa Depan

  • Vita Fitriatul Ulya Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam Al-Hikmah Tuban


Abstract: Today, globalization is seen as an irresistible force that provides economic
prosperity to people throughout the world. But on the other hand, he was accused of
being the source of all contemporary diseases, especially Islamic education in Indonesia.
The problem of Islamic education that is happening today actually refers more to the
challenges of Islamic education institutions in overcoming the destruction of the pillars of
the nation's character. While the challenge that must be faced by Islamic education is in
terms of education management, a plan for future education must cover three main
characteristics of society, namely the future of socio, the future of techno and the future
of bio, with all its implications and impacts on the human soul. As stated that one of the
objectives of Islamic education is to create a generation that has strength both in faith
and mastery of science and technology. So Islamic education must be able to adjust to the
development and demands of the times. Islamic education has presented itself as
education that is flexible, responsive, in line with the times, oriented towards the future,
balanced, oriented to superior quality, fair, democratic, dynamic and so on. Some
alternative solutions that can be done, among others, are the new paradigm of Islamic
education must be based on theocentric and anthropocentric philosophy at the same time,
Islamic education is able to build scientific and educational progress that is integrative
between spiritual, moral and material values for human life.

Keyword, Islamic Education, Islamic education in Indonesia, and responsive

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