• Muhaki Muhaki


Nowadays many muslim scholars looked at democracy is not legitimate. While other parties, consider democracy as a political system that are relevant to the modern State. As a result, the political system of democracy seemed at odds with the Islamic political system. The problem: first, how the concept of democracy in the study of fiqh shiyasah? Second, how the procedure in realizing democracy according to the fiqh Siyasa? This research is the studies librarianship, and the method of analysis used are juridical analytical. First, according to the findings of the study of fiqh Siyasa democracy can be dikualifikasi to the shura Council although the term and its historical context is different, but both are principles of the political system that is universal. Second, according to the fiqh Siyasa that Election as democratic procedures are the same as the bai'at. Because conceptually bai'at oath not only procedure but a succession of political leadership in Islam. In conclusion, the political system of democracy should be understood as the principle of a political system that is universal and requires concrete and technical procedures for its application, but prosedur-prosedurnya should not be counterproductive with the principles /rule