• Rokim Rokim


According to HAMKA physical education is education for physical perfection and growth as well as the strength of the soul and intellect. Physical education will provide a positive influence to health spiritually mainly covering the soul and intellect. Although the human soul as the goal of human life physical but should not be forgotten, in the absence of physical health the human soul will not develop properly, so does human reason will thrive when supported by physical health. The aim of physical education expected HAMKA is the formation of a life that is aligned and balanced between body and soul but HE was mentioning the harmony of body and soul with the term the creation of a healthier life, longevity, brave and agility which in essence to achieve a balanced life between the soul, mind and body. With a healthy, long life, daring and dexterity will be formed this civilization that will change the lives of Muslims.  Related to the methods of physical education, HAMKA was little affected by the opinion of Plato and France IE maintain the cleanliness Bacon, train and develop the physical with the sports, so created a healthy life physically, but he was adding again to create the health body must maintain a good diet by consuming food that does not spoil and not prohibited by religion as well as studying health sciences.