Author Guideline


  1. The article must be the result of original or conceptual studies which has not been published at any journals.
  2. Manuscript General Structure:
  3. Research Article includes (a) Title, (b) Author’s identity, (c) Abstract, (d) Keywords, (e) Introduction (Background, Statement of Problem, Purpose, and Significance of the research) , (f) Research Methodology, (g) Research Finding, (h) Discussion, (i) Conclusion and Recommendation, (j) References.
  4. Conceptual Studies include (a) Title, (b) Author’s identity, (c) Abstract, (d) Keywords, (e) Introduction, (f) Content or Discussion (consisting of sub titles), (g) Closing/ Conclusion, (h) Reference.
  5. The abstract includes 150 -200 words describing and summarizing the content of manuscript.
  6. The keywords can be in form of word or phrase.
  7. The author’s name is written without academic title.
  8. The foreign terms must be written in italic form.
  9. The article includes 15 – 20 page manuscripts (written on letter (quarto) paper with Times New Roman 12 point and 1.5 space)
  10. The Arabic-Latin transliteration uses literacy model of library of congress. The article written in English and Indonesian Language uses Arabic-Latin transliteration based on the Letter of Decree of Minister of Religious Affairs and Minister of Educational and Cultural Affairs dated on January 22nd, 1988 No 158/1987 and 0543U11987.
  11. All manuscripts must conform to the following guidelines for the references: Name, Book Title, City of Publisher, Publisher, Year of Publishing, Page.
  12. The followings are the guideline for bibliography: Last Name, First Name, Year of Publishing, Book Title, City of Publisher, and Publisher.
  13. The manuscript can be submitted in form of hard file and soft file (using flash disk, CD, or email at