Author Guidelines

Articles sent to Al-Qodiri Journal editors must follow the technical provisions as follows:

1. The article is a conceptual writing, ideas and results of research on Education, Social and Religion in the study of Al-Qodiri Journal, which includes: a) Education; b) Social; c) Religious. Articles are authentic works and have never been published in other scientific periodic or anthology books.

2. Articles are written in Indonesian and can also be written in standard English with 1.5 cm spacing on A4 paper and sent to an email address: The writing length is 20-25 pages or 7000 d. 9000 words. Articles are submitted at the latest one month before the journal is published

3. Include abstracts in English and Arabic up to 200 words; in each abstract followed by a keyword (keyword).

4. The name of the article writer (without an academic degree or position) is included with the correspondence address, email address and or cell phone number.

5. Referrals in the article use the footnote model by observing the specific references referred to, such as books, translation books, volumes books, anthology books, articles in anthology, articles in journals, encyclopedia articles, articles on websites (internet), articles in mass media (magazines, newspapers, etc.), theses, theses, dissertations, and scriptures.

6. As an example: The book - Fahruldin Quba> wah, al-Maha> rah al-Lughawiyah wa `` `uruubatul al-Lisa> n (Demaskus: Dar al-Fikr al-Islami, 2004), 23.

7. Translation Book Karen Armstrong, Holy War: from the Crusades to the Gulf War, Hikmat Darmawan (Jakarta: Serambi, Cet. 5th, 2007), 26.

8. Book in volumes  Abû ‘Abd Allâh Muhammad Muhammad b. Ismâl b. Ibrâhîm b. al-Mughîrah b. Bardazbah al-Bukhari al-Ju'fî, Sahih al-Bukhari, Vol. I, 52nd Hadith (Cairo: Dar al-Hadith, 2004), 121.

9. Articles in Book R. Hrair Dekmejian, "Islamic Revival: Catalysts, Categories, and Consequences" in Shireen T. Hunter (ed.), The Politics of Islamic Revivalism: Diversity and Unity (Bloomington and Indianapolis: Indiana University Press, 1988), 155.

10. The article in the Encyclopedia, Yani Abeveiro, "Starting from the Ikhwan al-Muslimun: Calling Jihad to Spread Terror" in Agus Maftuh Abegebriel (ed.), Ensiklopedi Negara Tuhan (South Jakarta: SR-Ins Publishing: 2004), 50. Article in Journal, Lutfi Assyaukanie, "Typology and Discourse of Contemporary Arabic Thought" in the Journal of Islamic Thought Paramadina, Vol. I, No. 4 July-December (Jakarta: Paramadina, 1998), 14.

11. Thesis, Thesis and Dissertation, Thoha Hamim, "Moenawar Chalil’s Reformist Thought: A Study of Indonesian Religious Scholar (1908-1961) (Dissertation - McGill University, 1996), 81.

12. Scripture: the Qur'an and the Gospel, QS. al-Fatima [1]: 4; New Testament, John. 20: 31.