An Analysis of Lexical and Grammatical Cohesion of Six Feet Apart Song by Alec Benjamin

  • Hanif Maulaniam Sholah IAI Al-Qolam Malang
  • Ahmad Yunus


Abstract This paper shows the linguistic aspect in term of discourse analysis in the lyrics of song. Those aspects are cohesion device and grammatical cohesion. Cohesion devices divided into two descriptions, those are; grammatical and lexical cohesion devices. Grammatical cohesion contains reference, ellipsis, substitution, and conjunction while lexical cohesion contains collocation and reiteration. This research analyzes the lyrics from the soloist band namely Alec Benjamin entitle “Six feet apart”. After analyzing grammatical and lexical cohesion of six feet apart’s lyric, the result shows that the kinds of grammatical and lexical cohesion exist in the lyric. The first kind of grammatical cohesion which is found is reference. The kinds of references namely personal, adverbial demonstrative, selective nominal demonstrative, and comparative reference are found in the lyric. The most frequent reference which is used in the lyric is personal reference. The usage of cohesive devices is so important to make meaningful language to the lyrics of the song. The cohesion devices make the text united.. The function of lexical cohesion within the stanza in the lyric of six feet apart song is making a relationship and also it is used to express and to stress the singer’s idea.   Key word: Discourse analysis, Lexical Cohesion, Grammatical Cohesion