• Masrokhin M, Mr Fakultas Syari’ah Universitas Hasyim Asy’ari Tebuireng Jombang
Keywords: fiqh, ijtihād, interpretation, response era


The interpretation of holly al-Qur’an has been done since Muhammad Saw prophet to his friends, however the product has not been booked. The interpretation of al- Qur’an caused law tafsir which becomes fiqh. As ijtihÄd re- sult, fiqh can not be seperated from historical context and place of birth. Its foundation is not merely al-Qur’an text (nash), but also the reality of fiqh society as object. This meaning makes fiqh as inspiration and motivation that in understanding the object, it is needed in-depth research. Based on the ijtihÄd reward, the ushul fiqh expert (ushuliyyun) provide two attitude theories such as mushawwibah and mukhathi’ah theories, so the sciences have different point of views of the four Sunni sect priests thought. Abu Hanifah, for example, he tends to rationalist, Malik ibn Anas likes to be exclusive, al-Syafi’i tends to be dynamic and Ahmad ibn Hanbal is quite referensive. The urgency of ijtihÄd toward al-Qur’an in digging the fiqh is never ending. It will be taken place forever when human interact both with environment, human being in socializing, as well as with Allah Swt in mahdhah worship. The dynamism of fiqih which is based on ijtihÄd seriousely enable human in establishing themselves to be shalih.