• Abd. Kadir


Al Qur'an as a source of Islamic teachings extensively studied by various parties, both from the Muslims alone or Muslims outside parties. Since the revelation, in addition to written also taught in a way musyafahah (orally) were then memorized by the Companions, so every Muslims especially in classical antiquity have known either partially or cantons.Al Qur'an is the learning needs of Muslims. The Prophet taught it to comrades and they imitated it by heart. Comrades taught it to others in the same way because of the limited knowledge of literacy among Muslims in the early classical period and the limited al Qur'an which is only held by a few friends only.Learning Al Qur'an in the classical period still used the same way as was done by the Prophet. Moreover reading the posts often cause reading errors. The implication is that even if al Qur'an has written one kind, but because of the tendency of the more prominent musyafahah learns how to read the narration (qiraat) with various dialects that once approved the Prophet still growing. Uniformity al Qur'an posts made by Othman was not able to stem the transmission of a variety qiraat primarily been reached mutawatir and famous.Keywords:  Qur-an, and Learning.


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