• Mosiri Mosiri


As a universal and inclusive religion Islam is always adaptable  to the development of human civilization, Islam continuously presents solutions to various problems of life. Prophet Muhammad as the first Islamic missionary, made his propagation language as a medium of communication that is quite refresentatif and adaptable to the sociological conditions of his society. It is true to conclude that Islam is a social religion in which the orientation of the Shari'a is to establish the policy of the way of human life and to realize the benefit. The content of his teachings is not only about the problem of interaction between human and God but it is also about inviting some one to behave well among human relations. Islam is the constitution of the life of the universe, because of  its eternal, noble and universal content. Moreover, Islam comes with the principles of egalitarian doctrine, justice and welfare for mankind.   Keywords: Universal, Inclusive, Egalitarian, Justice, Social, Constitution.