Pesantren Sebagai Pusat Agribisnis: Studi Kasus Di Pesantren Nurul Qornain

  • Villatus Sholikhah IAI Al-Qodiri Jember


Today, Islamic boarding schools are required to be able to adapt to advances in knowledge and technology in an effort to maintain their existence. One way for pesantren to survive is by updating the system and better management patterns, especially in terms of finance. Islamic boarding schools must be able to become more independent institutions so that they are not only dependent on one source of funding. One of the pesantren that is already independent in terms of finance is the Nurul Qornain Sukowono Jember Islamic Boarding School. This Islamic boarding school has several businesses in the fields of agribusiness, cooperatives, and workshops, but the most prominent business is in the field of agribusiness. Agribusiness activities carried out by the Nurul Qornain Islamic boarding school include: a) the input subsystem includes the procurement of superior seeds, organic fertilizers and medicines, b) the process subsystem, agriculture is carried out according to the five principles of farming and animal husbandry is carried out according to chicken farming guidelines from the training results, c) output subsystem, marketing products in the form of raw, semi-finished and finished products, and d) supporting subsystem, pesantren work together with the government and educational institutions and play an active role at the local and national levels.
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Sholikhah, V. (2023). Pesantren Sebagai Pusat Agribisnis: Studi Kasus Di Pesantren Nurul Qornain. LAN TABUR : Jurnal Ekonomi Syariah, 4(2), 218-233.