Vol. 13 No. 01 (2022): March

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Syaikhuna: Jurnal Pendidikan dan Pranata Islam STAI Syaichona Moh. Cholil Bangkalan in Volume 13 Number 1 March 2022, it is focused on Islamic Education with the latest issues starting with the first research with the theme “Merdeka Belajar Policy as a Strategy to Improve Quality of Education†Further research on Problem Based Learnıng Model wıth Blended Learnıng Approach to The Effectıveness of Student Learnıng Outcomes. next research Implementation of Multicultural Education at the Mahasantri Campus of the Islamic Dirosat Institute of Al-Amien Prenduan Sumenep. Then Analysis Juridical: Collaboration of Pesantren-Regional Governments in Education and Community Empowerment Functions next with the theme Analysis of Compatibility Between Curriculum 2013 and the Concept of Islamic Education and then Student Verbal Aggression Henry Manampiring's Self-Control Perspective, recent research on current issues regarding The Strengthening of Theological Base: a Pattern of Islam Wasathiyah Indonesia According to the Maqashid Shariah. And the last Model of Religious Character Education of Santri: a Case Study for the Character of Santri in Pesantren Syaichona Moh. Cholil.
Published: 2022-03-26