Melaksanakan Tugas Kepengawasan Meningkatkan Mutu dan Kualitas Pembelajaran Melalui Supervisi Akademik


  • Mohammad Sadik B Kementerian Agama Pamekasan


Quality of Learning Quality, Academic Supervision


Abstract   Supervision is assistance given to all teachers/school staff to develop schools to the fullest. Meanwhile, what is meant by supervision here is not an inspection from a person who thinks he knows everything (superior) to someone who is considered not knowing anything at all (inferior). However, academic supervision is in the form of guidance, coaching and assistance provided to teachers/educators to develop teaching and learning situations to make them better. So that teachers always make improvements in terms of the way they teach a subject and increase the effectiveness of their work which ultimately improves the quality of education in the school. From the implementation of the actions carried out using the supervision of the guidance model class and the time lag, satisfactory results can be obtained. This can be seen from the increase in the percentage of PTKp success indicators. Class supervision has a positive impact on the level of teacher discipline, teacher preparation in preparing and using learning tools that automatically makes supervised teachers use learning innovations with unconventional learning methods/models.   Keywords: Quality of Learning Quality, Academic Supervision