Koin Sebagai Alat Pembayaran Di Aplikasi Shopee Perspektif Fatwa Dsn-Mui No: 1161/Dsn-Mui/Ix/2017


  • Moh. Lukmanul Hakim
  • Harisah Harisah Intitut Agama Islam Negeri Madura
  • Mohsi Mohsi IAI Miftahul Ulum Pamekasan


The current era is growing rapidly, especially in the field of information and communication technology, where everyone can access and utilize sophisticated internet services. Having an online business is very profitable in today's digital era. Activities carried out by a group of people, companies and consumers in the form of trade transactions using internet technology. Anyone involved in an internet connection can participate in E-Commerce activities. One of the most popular marketplaces is Shopee, where Shopee can provide several interesting features with good marketing management. One of the interesting features of shopee is the shopee coin which is a gold coin that can be used for buying and selling transactions and is supported by an easy way to get it. Coins as a means of payment are the same as money, here we need to examine whether Shopee coins are valid as a means of payment in the DSN-MUI Fatwa. In this study, there are formulations of the problem, namely: 1) How to get and use coins in the Shopee application? 2) How is the shopee coin as a means of payment in the perspective of the DSN-MUI Fatwa No: 1161/DSN-MUI/IX/2017? This research belongs to the type of normative research. This research is called library research or library research. This research is included in normative research that examines legal principles. The approach used is a normative juridical approach to analysis. In this study the data analysis method used is qualitative data analysis. The results of this study indicate that the coins in the shopee application are gifts, because the coin recipients get coins on the basis of the achievements obtained. Therefore, the shopee party is obliged to fulfill the promise in the form of giving coins to the shopee users who have achieved their achievements by following the promos held by the shopee party. Shopee coins are virtual currency issued by Shopee and can also be used to shop at Shopee. Shopee coins are first collected by placing orders, checking in, and playing various games that have been provided by the shopee. From the acquisition of these coins, we can use them to shop because these Shopee coins meet the criteria for virtual sharia money.